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Chun Anye gives birth to yangtao
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"Cany foliation is like arrowroot, fact if chicken child big, pi Yiqing is lubricious, maturity criterion sweet pleasant is goluptious. " this is clear Chao Qianlong year between " Chun An county annals " go up the record and narrate to yangtao. Chun An's yangtao with feral give priority to, resourceful, distributinging concentration, actor individual plant is much; Basically distributing in cupreous hill, Bai Ma, Tang Cun, precious jade the countryside such as hill, Xia Zhong, Qiu Yuan, Wen Chang, rich article. Entire county has 15 sort, 5 mutation, produce per year a quantity to be in 80, 1 million jins or so, occupy Hangzhou area the 50% above of 7 counties. 1981, in the 23 actor individual plant that Hangzhou area singles out, chun An occupies 22, via biochemical analysis, the vitamin C of 22 only individual plant exceeds the ace breed Hai Dewo with current New Zealand. Vitamin C content amounts to every highestly to overcome 332.7 milligram, content of solubility solid form is amounted to 14% , the quantity that contain sugar 9.92% , contain acid 0.95% . Be in " gleaning of a book on Chinese medicine " in account: "Monkey peach advocate treat condyle wind, long hair whiten, haemorrhoid, energy of life leaves in tone. " " dietotherapy a book on Chinese medicine " in if take flesh and sweet decoct to take,say, can stop irritated heat, stop disappear is thirsty.


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