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Hangzhou travel entertainment shops recommend
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The recreational industry of Hangzhou relatively develop, if all sorts of public place of entertainment appear the ground like emerge, burgeoning recreational activities emerges in endlessly.

There is on edge of Children's Palace square " pattern time " it is new-blown public place of entertainment, the dragon pool hot spring of Huang Long sports center also is the good place of recreation. Arrived every time night, a scene of debauchery inside the city, center of fitness of nightclub of the musical city of numerous major, recreation city, bowling, and guesthouse of Hangzhou close a hunderd schools, like Hangzhou 5 continent type of big public house, garden goes vacationing big public house of dragon of east of hotel, Hangzhou match the integrated establishment such as beauty parlor of some nightclubs, sauna, bowling, swimming-pool, healthy room, hairdressing and tennis court to also be opened eagerly.

river country travel goes vacationing inside the area " Hangzhou future world " , it is an Asia at present park of the biggest the theme outdoor, have the whole world the holographic movie of the biggest screen; Club of golf of west lake international is come or flow together of vogue of Hangzhou entertainment industry, gross area 4000 mus, by two the prize level field of different style is comprised.

Major person goes Hangzhou been not satisfy at buying the local speciality of and so on of a few lotus root starch, silken umbrella, tea, hangzhou with more and more fashionable before attitude attracts more fashionable go-between, go to shop. City of silk of market of black dress of the Hangzhou clique female outfit of Wu Lin road, the four seasons, Hangzhou is waited a moment, can let love beautiful girl enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave.

Say Hong Kong to want " blood to spell " , going to Hangzhou is " sweeps goods " , because Hangzhou is numerous,the discount of department store and brand inn should compare other place big, price nature is about low a lot of. So Hangzhou also is to love those who clean out brummagem MM most.

Shop recommend

1. Fierce forest road

Of fierce forest road with Hangzhou as market of assist Yang Lu with Shanghai, because over there have numerous characteristic small shop, the style is multivariate, fashionable personage often appears and disappear hereat. Fierce forest road also is what " Hangzhou sends female outfit to collect ground " by what people says, because reputation is far,sowed Hangzhou clique female outfit moves toward the whole nation from here namely, include the brand such as person of Yi of Changjiang Delta commoners, autumn water among them. The design of Hangzhou clique female outfit is graceful and restrained, clever, be permeated with grumous scroll temperament and fair maiden temperament, got more and more attention.

2. Market of black dress of the four seasons

Market of black dress of the four seasons with wholesale give priority to, the price is absolutely and cheap, tide of style criterion follow closely. Many Shanghai shtick are little the dress of inn is to go here is wholesale, if at ordinary times you ramble with respect to love small shop washs money, go personally the four seasons is green, regular meeting come back with fruitful results.
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