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Shopping guideline of Hangzhou special local product
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Tapestry satin
Satin weave of this one product exquisite, colour and lustre flowery and plump, feel is full of bright-coloured, pattern stretch, have " ethereal rosy clouds, the flower on the ground " praise, it is the rare dress that loves by domestic and international consumer is used silken. "Fly child card tapestry satin of 53103 people silk " , " tapestry satin of silk of person of skin of bullion of tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty " , " 62035 tapestry satin " , it is famous high grade product.
Ancient sweet damask
Department of ancient sweet damask uses the design such as running water of pavilion of stage of flowers of antique the four seasons, booth, little bridge and landscape scenery to behave the product of artistic effect. It and style of person silk tapestry satin each different, contest show contends for beautiful. Because be full of flexibility, hold out and not hard, soft and not exhausted, it is the woman does Western-style bedgown to wait to use silken ideal tissue with damask and adornment.
Real silk Xiao
Real silk Xiao is thin be like cicada's wings, fine clean is transparent, knit grain clarity, silken face Ping Ting, feel slippery bright, soft and rich flexibility, in the international market very popular.
Hangzhou collect, Hangzhou spin
Ping Ting of Hang Luoguang clean, even and meticulous, bear fruit cheek by jowl, the Hua Shuang that hold out draw together, soft and comfortable, permeability is good, it is summer dress beautiful is tasted. Hangzhou spin an organization close together, knit grain clarity, foul line is orderly, quality of a material is rich, be full of flexibility, dress is cool and comfortable, the old people in be opposite particularly appropriate.
Real silk crepe de Chine
This is high grade thin model crape kind fabric, make the same score classics crape abb, soft Hua Shuang, the exterior is beautiful, it is advanced summer dress material, in order to makes shirt of skirt unlined upper garment, gentle and quiet and elegant, showily and easy.
Tea, fruit
Tea of Dragon Well tea
Tea of Dragon Well tea originates in a west lake all round group mountain of village of the lion peak in hill, Dragon Well tea, Weng Jiashan, arbutus, in hill of a depressed place of home of coop hill, 9 brooks, plum, 5 cloud and Mao Jiabu are taken, already had 1200 old histories. The high-grade tea in tea of Dragon Well tea, bud-leaf is complete, look is flat straight, green embellish of colour and lustre, aroma elegant, flavour alcohol is goluptious, one flag of " is shown when bubble leaves (leaf) one gun (bud) " , because of " of gun of renown " banner.
Diameter Shan Xiangming
Originate in hill of diameter of Yu Hang county, up to now already 1000 help advance somebody's career for years the history. Diameter camellia appearance is delicate have fine long hair, verdure of colour and lustre, aroma elegant, flavor pleasant is bright, drink hind has the aftertaste quite. The Song Dynasty, yuan when as eponymous as weather eye tea, paratactic " 6 taste " . Diameter hill monk often holds tea dinner, recieve You Fanggao's monk and dignitary. Garden of day monk argue, Na Pu when seeking a way to diameter hill early or late, diameter camellia banquet formal bring back Japan, evolve into the " of " tea path that becomes all sorts of school. Up to now, japanese will still diameter hill is acted according to for birthplace of " of " tea path.
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