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Chopsticks of Zhu of west lake day
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Day Zhu chopsticks, the fine bamboo that with Hangzhou west lake Tian Zhushan takes is made, with practical and good in quality and cheap in price, be full of local characteristic and celebrated domestic and international.

It is early when age, zhu of west lake day takes a farmer already chopsticks of the bamboo of use local materials that make, with will have a meal, careful and convenient, and have Zhu Xiang, this be used to long-standing. Take the place of to Qing Dynasty, the small bamboo cut that clever concealed, Tian Zhu takes a farmer to get on the hill around becomes a chopstick, set on silver-colored head, sell as commodity, get the welcome of broad sight-seer, became famous day Zhu chopsticks.

Nowadays, the Zhu chopsticks craft that make had the day to improve ceaselessly, make chopsticks body with fine sincere bamboo, iron on word, picture, have the beautiful edition such as landscape, painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style and west lake scenery, color has red, white two kinds, set head having silver, tooth head, bone, bead first class, in order to make decoration

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