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3 hill Chinese chestnut
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3 hill Chinese chestnut
Chinese chestnut is rich in relief traditional product, especially 3 hill Chinese chestnut, because of it is big, good to pledge, flavour beauty, nutrient part is substantial, and famed and provincial.
The small acid of the sloping field side much Zhi Yuyan of chestnut of wealthy in relief town and slant acidity soil, amylaceous content is high in reason chestnut flesh, a variety of nutriment such as the protein that contain friend, adipose, calcic, candy, phosphor, iron, vitamin armour, second, third. Eat raw, already sweet fragile; Ripe eat, the belt in glutinous is sweet, extraordinary fragrance raids a person; Yi Ke processes cooked food, the operation is handy, delicate and goluptious. At the same time chestnut still has officinal value, write of Sun Saimiao of famous medicine home: "Chestnut, the fruit of kidney also, nephrosis appropriate feeds; Give birth to fail of food therapy waist, foot. Give birth to fail of food therapy waist, foot..

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