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Loquat of Zhejiang pond dwell
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Pond dwell loquat

Loquat of Zhejiang pond dwell Product source: Hangzhou pond dwell

Item characteristics: Fruit big flesh sweet, nutrition abounds much flavour of thick, juice.

Product season: Changjiang Delta will green jade in May grey, silkworm old loquat is yellow.

Product ingredient: Contain acid of B of rich carotene, vitamin, C, saccharide, adipose, protein, apple, citric acid and calcium, phosphor, natrium, iron to wait for pair of human body metabolism very good material, in addition, the material such as black glucoside, vitamin B1 is contained in bitter almond glucoside, lamina is being contained in its pit.

Product effect: Its use is quite much, can boil soup to drink with loquat leaf, or it is to use apply to have a department, usable also and many leaf will wash loquat bath, and the fructification of loquat and seminal nucleus also but edible. Dry loquat makes conserve criterion throughout the year but edible. It already can beautification environment, can have effect of the health care that fight cancer again.

Product brief introduction: Pond dwell teems with loquat, " annals of geography of Tang Shu • " carry, tang Shi becomes articles of tribute. Of Li Shizhen " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " also have " pond dwell produces loquat, excel him to be in, white person go up, yellow take second place " record and narrate. Its basically produce an area to be south the pond of pond dwell, east pond, touch drive the country such as the bridge. May 2004, section of loquat of Chinese pond dwell opens section ceremonially to announce, long the pond dwell loquat of negative great reputation just declares loquat country of origin successfully region product protection, loquat also had national producing area brand.

The history of pond dwell loquat, characteristic
Loquat (Eriobotryajaponicalind1) belong to rose division, for constant green small tree, fruiter of semi-tropical special local product. Because blade shape is like the lute, friend name. According to history record, pond dwell takes the place of early in the Sui Dynasty begin to cultivate, already had close the history 1400, quite prosperous already when Tang Dynasty, and have help advance somebody's career certainly, technology of lay aside carry, inspect loquat to be " the content of precious fruit " . Tang Wude (618-626) year compile " the Tang Dynasty annals of book · geography " in have " Yu Hangjun year old tribute loquat " account.
Su Dongpo holds the post of feudal provincial or prefectural governor in Hangzhou, have " the customer comes tea stops to be not had for nothing have, lu orange small Huang Shang takes sick at heart " , zhang Jiafu asks: "Lu Jie is why content also " , answer: "Loquat is " . Of bright generation Li Shizhen " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in also have " pond dwell loquat excels an alien land, on Bai Wei, yellow take second place " view. " Hangzhou county annals stalks of grain " in have detailed record and narrate more: "Pond dwell is a town of Hangzhou, land is fecund, products is rich, fan Zhenzhou surrounds 30 lis inside all be loquat producing area. Dwell having a pool is produced only and he is in not as good as person write down, in order to see unripe Zhi Zhimei " . Pond dwell cropland is little, everywhere Sang Guo, between Chun Xiazhi, a green cloud, a few without open space. Cut acoustical echelon, without the village otherwise. Lid giving silk is much, armour Yu Yiyi. Make a living establish a large amount of fruit are with loquat also. Qing Guangxu " pond dwell annals " in to pond dwell the loquat that teem with made depict so: "When 45 months, gold plays again and again, each village all is, basket of skin of the bamboo 100 thousand, far peddle Su Hu, the litchi austral mountain is not had with passing. " Qing Kangxi 11 years (1672) Sun Zhi is compiled " annals of clever concealed temple " inside have " loquat gives pond dwell " account.
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