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Face bring shopping place
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Travel shopping block Advent installs travel to shop place of general first selection's local born and bred product, basically be farming deputy local speciality is tasted. The tea that this locality gives birth to long production, dried bamboo shoots, hickory particularly the tourist loves, accordingly, the store that runs this kind of commodity is very much, can be found everywhere, but mostly more dispersive. In the city relatively this kind of shop of concentration is in edge of municipal government gate east take field to Qian WanglingYi Jinjie, other relatively centralized is the commodity market in travel scene area, place runs mostly over there farming deputy local speciality is tasted. Travel shopping market (inn) Face those who install travel to shop to nod bazaar to basically sell this locality surely farming deputy local speciality is tasted, be like tea, dried bamboo shoots, hickory, and stone makes handicraft, if bloodstone seal, bloodstone carves handicraft, bloodstone,hang etc. Nod list of shopping market list to be as follows surely: Face how to travel to choose shopping market surely Unit name address basically sells a product to face bazaar of shopping high-quality goods of the travel that bring city to face market of king of the money that bring city 268 tea, dried bamboo shoots, hickory faces king of money of factory of food of An Shuai banner to face market of king of the money that bring city via battalion headquarters 249 tea, dried bamboo shoots

Shopping heaven----New scope of operation of bright and beautiful city

Store of new scope of operation of bright and beautiful city is located in the across that faces An Yijin street and weather eye road to be in, it is to face bring the most flourishing business area. Trade of city of century couplet Hua Chao, nation is all round the store city of home appliance of shopping centers He Anyuan, situation it may be said is advantaged.

There are 5 opposite independences in the store the small-sized market that each other have a passageway to connect, share hundreds business to spread. Go from the gate of the store, it is the hall of a 100 much square metre, the both sides of the hall is outspread give two annular passageways, comprise with the hall " 8 " glyph. The 20 many business that open the door upcountry are spread along " 8 " the road of the glyph is being arranged; And " 8 " the intermediate clearing of the glyph is planted to go up all sorts of flowers and plants, stand in the hall, can see many 20 business of both sides is spread. Store of new scope of operation of bright and beautiful city is complete " Shoppingmall mode " commercial shopping centers, it is business of a volume, recreation, shop, the recreational square that travel is an organic whole.
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