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Weak makeup thick wipe Hangzhou of total appropriate winter to admire tea circui
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The winter will come, your Hangzhou west lake more the temperament that adds a Leng Yan, "Be about to compare the west lake on the west child, weak makeup thick wipe always appropriate " , it is under this kind of beautiful scenery, tea of a cup of Dragon Well tea is held in both hands in lakefront, the person on the bridge on the lake that is leisurely ground appreciating beauty, lake, bridge... this idle affection and satisfied be can you search somewhere else? Right now the watchtower lake near Bai Di sits, those girls that wearing blue allover can carry multicolored refreshments, wait for end to come reeky teacup, look is worn the tea in the cup slowly extending vein, the happy nerve in the heart also is extended accordingly. 1, classic rosary recommends:
Rose water (very very comfortable, sweet, cool cool) , mutton chop of muffin, tea with milk, blackcurrant (flavour is very thick) , classical tea formula (the amount is full delicate, especially manual cake labour, delicious) .

Small judge: Piao of collect of  of Cou of male of vertebra of ⒙ of Yi having liquid throws ⑹ relatively Kuang of close  of fish hawk of Tuo of  of  of Di of Cong of contraction figured woven silk material sheathing or bow case sees pen of low of Qu of apology of  of boundless and indistinct of dark Nai extensive go straight towards Lai dusk Mei to offspring the member that bore with a reamer of celestial being of flatter of Pen of  of  of be good at K punishs  whoop fade
Address: Merchant road of the hill austral? 220 2 buildings (by Chinese beautiful courtyard) public transportation: 12, 30, 102, 25, swim 4

2, building of lakefront house tea recommends:
A thick soup of tea of the tea that suffer from man, dragon vessel tea, Dragon Well tea, lotus seed (have very small one handleless cup only regrettablly, drink not quite ah) .

Small judge: The environment is very good, of primitive simplicity and peaceful, especially upstairs the position that relies on a window, can full see beautiful scenery of whole west lake. If encounter the season that lotus blooms, sweet companion wears tea lotus is sweet, not drunk difficult also. When arriving, you can want some of seedpod of the lotus to eat, very tastily. This tea is chosen stuff is good still, nod a tea party to add send a refreshments, the capacity is quite much still. Nevertheless, this price does not calculate petty gain, but on this bubble a day of half extremely big somebody is in, I think what also should come back originally.
Address: Hangzhou - around the city on the west the way visits lake hotel 2 numbers 7 buildings are public transportation: 16, 1, 152

3, tea wine time recommends:
Tea of Dragon Well tea, a variety of oolong tea.

Small judge: Be located in west lake heaven and earth it, show originality wine of tea of ground general Chinese style, west and union of Changjiang Delta food were in one case " , the place that the crowd of different district can search him from here is good. The environment is very good, each point is very fine, sit down to did not want to leave. If be wet, sit in vitreous house, listening to rain, admiring wash like west lake, it is satisfied very. Its tea service and dish are very delicate, of tea choose makings is very good also, no matter be tea or dish, beautiful Dedoubu be willing to part with or use did it. What should carry particularly is the service bell on the desk, especially amused.
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