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Hang Baiju
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Weigh Gan Ju again, it is our country helps advance somebody's career traditionally officinal plant, it is Zhejiang saves 8 names crude drug " short for Zhejiang Province 8 flavour " one of. Via proof of modern medicine pharmacodynamics, its are had stop dysentery, antiphlogistic, bright eye, step-down, fall the action of fat, powerful body. Can use at treating damp and hot icteric, gastralgia feeds make water of little, oedema to wait for disease less. , hang Baiju can make a medicinal material already, can offer again drinkable, still can make court view and admire, basically make drink. Machine make tea of purificatory bubble of product in order to to drink tea with Hang Baiju, can of its color, sweet, flavour, form says " 4 absolutely " , heat of satisfy one's thirst of heart having Qing Dynasty, disappear is divided irritated, the effect that wet one's whistle promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, can with the west lake " Dragon Well tea " rival; Hang Baiju basically distributings to visit tung countryside town in Zhejiang, element has " tung countryside is spent " say, already had history of more than 300 years of grow, the actor that the star has a tradition is thoroughbred post technology. Tung countryside has in the whole nation " the countryside of chrysanthemum " beautiful praise, hang Baiju helps advance somebody's career area and crop all occupy 90 % above of countrywide.

The product that Hang Baiju develops at present has tea of brilliant of chrysanthemum liquor, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum to wait, its produce moral to sell countrywide each district, each country of popular southeast Asia and area of our country HongKong and Macow. Machine the swift and violent development of course of study as domestic and international medicine, food and beverage, hang Baiju spends hair general along support science and technology, develop integratedly, mention the additional cost of business product and technical content, make chrysanthemum more flourishing, sweeter.

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