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Honest brings special local product: Tang Cun does not have nuclear persimmon
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  PersimmonIt is one old special local product of Chun An, persimmon of Tang Cun that do not have a nucleus especially the high-quality goods in persimmon. Glittering and translucent get rid of appears its exterior, orange is red but person. Touched softness is smooth, can induce the appetite that has you very much. Persimmon whole body is treasure, advocate treat the disease such as hiccup, central heating, the calyx and receptacle of a persimmon also can be used as medicine, can issue gas to fall go against, charcoal of dried persimmon broil,

Tang Cun has a lantern without nuclear persimmon persimmon, yellow in August with wintry persimmon 3 breed, the big fruit of form of the persimmon that do not have a nucleus that appear on the market is beautiful, soft and juicily, sweet tastily, it is to suffer what native and tourist favor fully " fruit beautiful beautiful " . Persimmon repass pares, cut, fume, bask in (or carbonado) wait for a few working procedure, made dried persimmon, if its flavour Gan Tian is sweet, soft and goluptious, it is the fine companion of the journey that occupy the home.

If have an opportunity, did not forget the Tang Cun that tastes sweet taste of Na Jincan Can does not have nuclear persimmon, the travel of the 1000 islands lake that meets you then increases on another kind of happy memory.

  • Tang Cun does not have nuclear persimmon

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