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Hangzhou self-help swims circuit general view (recreational, self-help, self-abu
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Drive oneself go on a journey

Cang Shan carries 1. draw together on the head

Comment on: Short for Zhejiang Province east billow of sieve of rice of the first height is the highest peak in a mountain range of mountain range of draw together dark green, altitude 1382 meters, hill tall slope is steep, be like,cloud and mist winds around celestial being island. Grand large wind-force sends electric field. Repose in the wind electric field of the highest peak in a mountain range of mountain of draw together dark green,

Remind: Open draw together from Hangzhou Cangshan needs 3.5 hours below the foot of a hill, go up hill 1 hour, can drive all the time the summit. This scene area is in development, traffic and establishment of form a complete set are not perfect, the tourist that does not have experience careful travel. Do not receive entrance ticket.

Summit of draw together dark green: On high speed of Hangzhou another name for Ningbo 3 lines, the country below weather station exit 104 (weather station - overlook the lake) , in face the sea to collect fees be in the city carve dial that be less than right-hand rotation, the province 35 (overlook the lake - celestial being is resided) , in patriotic countryside basis guide left-hand rotation.

2. cormorant bay

Comment on: Suit to lift the home to drive quite amuse oneself, barbecue, go angling, swim, old little all appropriate. On the way road condition is admirable, hill has water, quiet and natural, have not develop. Can take food barbecue oneself.

Remind: One-way, can make a round trip that day. Because was not developed, without clear road sign, go needing to relapse for the first time to local ask the way.

Cormorant bay: Hangzhou sets out 320 nations line is pressed down to Fu Chunjiang, cross right-hand rotation of Fu Chunjiang large dams, open cormorant bay all the time.

3. combines slush mountain range newly

Comment on: Did not develop, considerable respect, climb experience brook. Road condition is admirable (one paragraph is building a road recently) . Scene is beautiful, air is fresh.

Remind: Feng Chuan comes to close newly is a paragraph of longer hill road, it is certain to need to have drive skill. One-way make an appointment with 2 half hours, can make a round trip that day. The village does not have a parking lot, also do not have restaurant, do not suit go on a journey of forces of a large body of, oneself want equipment enough food.

Combine slush mountain range newly: Hangzhou sets out 320 nations line, to bavin port left-hand rotation (did not collect fees to tung cottage station) , go to directly to Feng Chuan add up to a village newly.

Of adventurer " self-abuse course "

1. rests Long Gu

Comment on: Call howl day dragon ancient course again, so-called 60 lis of flagging, go up hill 20 lis, on hill 20 lis, downhill 20 lis. When suiting azalea to leave most, head for, go in the summit to resemble.

Remind: Intensity of on the high side, the self-help that suits to have experience swims lover is headed for. Have not develop at present, natural protection is very good, but traffic is disadvantageous.
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