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Hangzhou: Characteristic acts the role of the strategy that taste inn
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Send make public more in individual character today, the style heals the common decorations with duplicate hasten cannot have satisfied us to be opposite tie-in demand.
Of these rich individual character those who act the role of the fashionable personage disappointment that tastes small shop to should not make love spruce!
Silver acts the role of heaven: Fierce forest road
Strategy key: Silver of of all kinds is acted the role of
Deserve to act the role of a style: Malaysia, Nepalese, Mexico
Tie-in guideline: Argent breastpin adds the old rose of double color the temperament that Thailand ring suits office worker very much, high and not prevalent custom
The Nepalese ring of bounty of + of catenary of Malaysia tassel small ear -- exceeding contrast is lively student a group of things with common features loves most
Regard Hangzhou as the famousest business street, the passenger flow of fierce forest road measures big, shop concentrated, make a person easily also however dazzling. Nevertheless, if want to make oneself are in autumn meridian make the view with one original part, the characteristic small shop here also cannot be let off anyhow.
Act the role of at most on this road taste inn to act the role of inn with respect to several silver, have Hong Kong well-knownly " silver-colored times " with Guangzhou " Cang Yinge " . Former in order to sell Siliwen. Brand of dust the rank of nobility is given priority to, this is the brand of a vogue, avant-courier, "Archaize " , " pure silver " , " aureate " and " crystal " 4 old series are in the life style that explains a kind of extraordinary, no matter husband of season of men and women, either comes,serve as deserve to act the role of very applicable. A blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is price has bit of on the high side, actual strength of if not economy is not had absolutely anxious, before going in, be afraid should consider the rice in bag calculating a bag whether abundant. The is not Tibet silver that latter sells, hide in the inn in the inn in store of a clothing however, I was puzzled by this name namely. The 925 silver that sell Guangzhou is produced in inn are acted the role of, price suits student gens to accept very much.
Although afore-mentioned two fame are already outer, but I more of Zhong Yi is however the name is " ancient " small shop. A lot of moment, step into this road, I am going straight towards it continuously and go. That quaint appearance always is in the heart that hits me for a short while, as if the Gu Cheng when oneself roam at the Southern Song Dynasty, choosing in room of private collect carefully acceptability rare article. The silver in inn is acted the role of come from mostly Malaysia and Nepalese, Mexico. Every have only, do not have absolutely duplicate. Take a fancy to a very special silver that setting black bead to string together qualitative hand catenary, never had seen this pattern before, very Boximiya's style, make by skill of Malaysia headgear division however. See the value near 400, the boss sees I am intended, busy it is OK to before going up, say to celebrate a festival dozen 7 fold, and if have inn-keeper,that piece of delicate honoured guest gets stuck, also can hit at ordinary times 7 fold.
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