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Hangzhou a few main business streets
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Yan'an road and fierce forest square:
The Hangzhou that be called the Yan'an road of the first street and open yuan of road, emancipatory road, smooth sea route, Qing Chunlu, phoenix remove a road to intersect, the street of clear river lane below Wu Shan foot is received south, north holds fierce forest square, full-length 3405 meters. Yan'an road is the traffic thoroughfare that traverses Hangzhou north and south, already became the commercial main street with the busiest Hangzhou nowadays. Along the road has center of hall of province people congress, city culture, dream bridge of mansion of the United Nations General Assembly of company of shop of Liang Lou food, southern old restaurant, Hangzhou wineshop, Hai Fengxi food, labour, Long Xiang is integrated theater of bazaar, victory, province. The fierce forest square that north carries, already became the culture mart with new Hangzhou.
   Emancipatory road and government-owned alley mouth:
Traverse the emancipatory road of Hangzhou thing, around the city has east east village of road gold Ya, come on the west south hill road, lakeside road intersects place, full-length 2148 meters, it is the main traffic thoroughfare of Hangzhou urban district, also be serious business street talk, of course is the good place that the passenger shops. It in original name street, hangzhou was liberated on May 3, 1949, change say to liberate a road. Along the road has short for Zhejiang Province restaurant of art and literary circles of 2 hospitals, Nature's engineering, new live abroad, emancipatory road department store, liberating the government-owned alley mouth with Zhongshan road boundary especially is one of mart of Hangzhou urban district. There is Hangzhou food store, Kui around yuan cinema of edifice of supply and marketing of house, Hangzhou, Xin Huashu inn, Pacific Ocean.
   Phoenix have a way:
The main thoroughfare that mid thing moves toward Hangzhou urban district. Built be open to traffic 1996. Phoenix have the around the city since Ludong east road, full-length 3040 meters, 32 meters wide. It joins 7 residences village mixes the urban district not only tens of neighbor, and the join of large and professional market such as the shoe change that already will build or will build, silk, general merchandise, steely, small commodities rises.
   Qing Chunlu:
Because of this Lu Dongduan old times has Qing Chun door, friend name. In July 1993, ever was Hangzhou city narrow path, jam becomes have transport service of all fronts after the Qing Chunlu that suffer from widens. The Qingchun Ludong nowadays has Qiu Tao way, lakeside road is connected on the west, full-length 3.4 kilometers, 40 meters wide. With the road in founding a state, Zhongshan road, medium river road, Yan'an road intersects, it is one of travel shopping business streets now. Have mansion of open waters business, Qing Chun on the way many mart such as institute of traditional Chinese medical science of one hospital of department store, guesthouse looking at a lake and hospital of Shao Yi's husband, short for Zhejiang Province, province and medical treatment unit and in succession the mansion of of all kinds business of build.
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