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Honest installs local speciality: Hickory
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 Hickory, call small walnut, Xiaohu peach again, it is some of our country spy, rare wood this oil plants and dried fruit. And the history that cultivated hickory already had this county more than 300 years, be in early Qing Shunzhi year between " Chun An county annals " on with respect to somebody labour helps advance somebody's career the account of hickory. Hickory nutlet is contained a lot ofprotein, vitamin, amino acid and a variety of mineral, nutrient value is extremely high, according to pharmacopoeia account, it still has " embellish bowel is moist, solid essence filling kidney " . What basically originate in Zhejiang, Anhui is a mountainous area. Of Chun An county face area of Qi, power level ground to teem with this content.

Chun An's hickory, because having advantaged growth environment, do not have pollution so, housing thin flesh is thick, grease protein tall nutrition is rich, feed the characteristic with delicious flavour. Be in with Yuan Mei " feed sheet along with garden " medium word says, just about " its fragrant air, yi Pu is nose and come, need not age definitely, the tongue tastes, know its after that clever also " . Honest brings the interest that hickory still differs according to people now, fry make piece weak, salty, sweet, of much flavour wait for a variety of taste, hickory is the beautiful in roasted seeds and nuts is tasted, popular river, short for Zhejiang Province, Shanghai reachs each district of HongKong and Macow.

Honest is installed hickory

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