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Hangzhou brocade
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Cent is Hangzhou brocade handicraft adornment brocade and daily expense brocade two kinds, basically include silk scenery, character and table rug, curtain, bedspread, cushion to wait. Hangzhou brocade drawing from nature and adornment art organic ground be in harmony is an organic whole. On composition of a picture and colour, hangzhou brocade reflected name of our country ancient time already the painter's style and calligraphy or drawing, also absorbed West to draw the characteristic with luxuriant colour and lustre, make broche art more elegant. Hangzhou brocade the product that with Hangzhou Dou Jinsheng silk factory produces most member great reputation. This factory was built 1922, by Hangzhou person Dou Jinsheng establishs. Dou Jinsheng was graduated from Zhejiang to save armour to plant 1917 technical school is woven division. His course is studied assiduously, bold the design brushwork that cast off silks and satins, according to the characteristic of the scenery, convert the design method of 8 damask, use a variety of 30 brushwork, the administrative levels of the scenery, far and near, light and shade distinct the earth's surface is revealed come. In March 1921, his design knits a brocade of the first black and white scenery of our country " 9 brooks 18 gully " . On the international fair that held in American Philadelphia 1926, the scenery brocade that this factory produces wins golden qualitative medal.

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