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West lake - Bai Di
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  calls Bai Sha the bank formerly, lie across is in west lake thing to on lake face, from break the bridge to rise, cross bridge of bright and beautiful belt, stop at Ping Huqiu month, grow 1 kilometer. Accordingly the road is the only way that leads to Gu hill when the Song Dynasty, friend calls Gu hill the road. After Ming Dynasty build, miscellaneous establish flowers and trees, also renown assorted hall.

White house of Tang Dynasty poet holds the post of Hangzhou feudal provincial or prefectural governor easily from time to tome Shi Yun: "Love a lake most east travel is insufficient, bank of the Bai Sha in green Yang Yin. " point to this bank namely. This poet commemorates artificially after, call Bai Di. Willow of the peach on the bank embarks on a journey, fragrant grass is like mattress, hui Wangqun Shan Hancui, lake water besmear greens jade, if be in the picture,swim.

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