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West lake - music courtyard wind carries on his shoulder or back
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Courtyard of 麯 of original name of   music courtyard, be located in Jin Shajian (the west lake is the biggest natural fountainhead) flow into a west lake to be in, monarch has palace wine mill here, lake face grows lotus. Xu of summer cool breeze comes, carry on one's shoulder is sweet as sweet as wine 4 elegant, bright of all of tourist body and mind, not drink Yi Zui. The appraising west lake such as Ma Yuan of painter of the Southern Song Dynasty when 10 scene, also label here " one of 10 scene " . Courtyard decadent pond mounds later, its Jing Sui is useless. Hangzhou of the make one's rounds austral Qing Kangxi's emperor, inscribe west lake when name of 10 situation situation, this long useless old scene moves the bank of the bridge that cross rainbow to Su Di, close book " music courtyard wind carries on his shoulder or back " 4 words, establish tablet to build booth.

The music courtyard wind of old times carries on his shoulder or back, only one tablet wells balanced half mus of ground, constraint Yuxili lake corner, have some of be unworthy of the name or the title quite. Pass extend in recent years, present music courtyard wind crosses the tablet booth of rainbow bridge bank oneself since carry on one's shoulder, along Yue Hu, Jin Sha harbor arrives directly lie the Guo Zhuang outside Long Qiao, in meandering number, build close forest zone of courtyard of carry on one's shoulder of Yue Hu, Zhu Suyuan, wind, music, lakeside 5 scene area, the area amounts to 426 mus, become the park with the largest area of lake of west lake annulus. Yue Hu is received east, village of Na Lin Guo, north receives temple of grave of Zhu Suyuan, arboretum, Yue Fei, since is viewed and admire " receive Tian Lianxie not to have poor green jade, the lotus that reflect day another red " summerly You Mingyuan, also be heat of line of west lake north visit an area.

Music courtyard most essence of life is collected at area of scene of wind carry on one's shoulder, on tranquil lake surface, the distributinging move red lotus, white lotus, heavy stage lotus, lotus that asperse gold, twin lotus flowers on one stalk-a devoted married couple waits a name a moment to plant lotus. Lotus leaf cropland, han Dan enchantings, qing Bo illuminates Gong Zhanbi. From water model on the little bridge of each different and row and look, the person leans on beautiful appearance, the flower reflects person range, be in harmony of photograph of person, flower, water, day, date, be in love, pleasing to the eye, appreciate heart, be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy.

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