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West lake - jade emperor scud
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  new west lake one of 10 scene. Yu Huangshan uprights between west lake and Qian Tangjiang, altitude 239 meters, be high up in the air is abrupt, line with blue sky Bai Yun, more appear lofty of Shan Zixiong high. Every time like a rising wind and scudding clouds when, stand still Shan Dian ascends Yun Ge, side side but the voice that hears blow gently, mist blow on the face says when and come, fly to cross and go. Lake hill open, jiang Tianhao is wet, this scene this condition is named to be " Yu Huangfei cloud " .

Yu Huangshan hill of renown jade dragon, gu Chenlong hill. When the Five Dynasties, 5 Seng Congming cities greet Wu Yue A Yo king resembles consecrate hereat, hill calls Yo Wang Shan again so. "Yu Huang " the name is real only then from Qing Dynasty first, because the summit constructed scale at that time the Taoism jade palace of grand open, hill with Gong Ming, only then weigh Yu Huangshan. Yu Dafu ever had written a travel notes " Yu Huangshan " , among them one paragraph says: Uprise looks, northwest all gets the vague impression of mist-covered water cloud of the west lake, with wipe around the black that brings mountain peak in lakefront; Southwest is river, foliaceous page sail, have of action come namely, the goes namely situation of brandish; Look into sea door eastwards, peak of a bit Xun, two sides atmosphere of 3 cliques tideway is more grand; Jump over hill as to what separate a bank, gigantic tower of Jiang Bian, because be commanding relation, look down at goes down, feel small negligible.

From Yuhuang Shan Beilu's immense forest wells balanced, the Shi Jielu that along bluestone the shop builds ascends the stairs, do not go out ten minutes to be able to come to Ci Yunling. Ci Yunling is the dividing line mountain of Yu Huangshan and phoenix hill, there is Wu Yue to ascend cloud altar relics on mountain, instead mothers after Yun Gong. After line of jade emperor mountain watchs abolish, rebuild here luxuriant and well-spaced to be in flowers and trees, the absurd garden that folds Shi Linglong. The slope austral Ci Yunling, drought has courtyard of dragon of Buddha temple stone first, existent and Buddhist statue two niche, chisel Yu Wu jumps over a times, this is the masterpiece of statue of west lake grotto.

From westing of kind cloud mountain, all the way cryptomeria a narrow lane, wood develop, green shade v/LIT all over the ground, blame stone Cuo high mountain, bird language frequency is passed. Had climbed golden gate cage, from violet come the side other hole top continues to go along Shan Daopan, carry lucky star on the head to watch to Yu Huangshan.

Monarch of lucky star view builds Yu Qing between acting Yong Zhengnian, common saying calls Yu Huang palace, once was the Taoism building with the oldest dimensions, whole copy palace style is built group, in cabinet of the ordinal the door that it is hill, true Wu Dian, big Luo Baodian, half Mu on axes, two side have 3 clear halls, 3 officials hall and each to use a room accessorily. Nowadays, path view already not answer in, but building pattern still is saved roughly, build at the same time the cabinet that ascend the cloud, building looking at a lake waits, offer visitor commanding by column overlook, take a party " Jiang Sanshe " , " 6 with tower shadow " , " lake hill besides beautiful " wait for wonderful scenery.
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