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West lake - beautiful harbor watchs a fish
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Fish of view of   beautiful harbor is located in south Su Di Duan Xi side, the Su Di of fine willow luxuriantly green is received before, north relies on a hill to fold emerald green west hill, the Xiaona lake with clear blue waves and on the west in lake, the specular branch that setting emerald framework like two sides embeds the left and right sides. It is early when the Southern Song Dynasty, a brook flows into a west lake via this from Hua Jiashan, this brook makes spend harbor. At that time, allow of serve official Lu rose to build a villa in side of beautiful harbor side inside, call " Lu Yuan " . Shi Weishan is folded inside garden, authentic ground is a pool, fish of raise contamination of waste enamel, then tourist comes together collect, refined scholar problem is chanted, call " fish of the view that spend harbor " , become a west lake one of 10 scene. Qianlong emperor ever inscribed Shi Zandao: "Indelicacy of beautiful home hill spends harbor, suck of fish of the beautiful body that write a fish is beautiful. Suck of fish of the beautiful body that write a fish is beautiful..

The fish of the view that spend harbor of old times has 3 mus of one pool, one tablet, land only. Hind classics extend, complete garden area is close 300 mus. The landscape inside garden by the fish booth of hopeful, peony, beautiful harbor, lawn is mixed forest is comprised a few times partly, piscine Eden is complete garden advocate scene. Put in a suitable place to breed in piscine Eden a move in chess or a movement in wushu Gong Li of scale of gold of 10 thousand end, the investment on the Qu Qiao in the pool that watch a fish feeds tourist to entice or applause to breathe out, group the fish can swim from far and near, contention feeds bait, in succession capriole, incarnadine half lake face, think get the better of view. Here fish of as much as one likes is interesting, really fish dive person is joyous, be in harmony of its Le Rong.  

Tang Changqing year (821-824 of the Christian era year) , open yuan of temple Seng Huicheng to obtain one branch peony to carry a plant in the temple from Chang'an, hangzhou from this only then had peony. Now, the peony garden that Hangzhou peony wants to watch a fish in order to spend harbor is most prosperous, have " Bacchic poplar the wife of a prince " , " charming is allowed 3 change " wait for breed, 1000 appearance 100 condition, colorful, do not have interest. Peony cuts ten villages that provide form each. Inside the village, grow a move in chess or a movement in wushu the peony with gorgeous colour and lustre of 100 individual plant, from altitude look down at, but red clip is green between the flower bed that sees large volume is minor, the peony that that Can is like Yun Jin spends 1000 appearance 100 condition, fight beautiful of strange contest form, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave making a person. Configuration of the plant inside garden is delicate, the four seasons has in season flower, 8 have evergreen tree, developed " flower " , " harbor " , " fish " this one scenic spot characteristic.
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