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West lake - the tiger runs dream spring
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  tiger runs dream spring is new west lake one of 10 scene, those who be located in a west lake south, big Ci Shan decides Hui Chansi inside, be apart from the urban district to make an appointment with 5 kilometers. The Christian era of according to legend at the beginning of 9 centuries, tang Dynasty has a dignitary in making extensive region to live here. Lack because of fountainhead after, preparative change goes. Overnight, dignitary dreams of one immortal to tell him: Spring of Na Yue boy, when dispatch 2 tigers immigrate. The following day, if really have 2 tigers " run the ground makes acupuncture point " , gushing spring, friend name " the tiger runs " .

The tiger runs spring from quartz the ooze in Sha Yan is poured out of too, clear see an end, pleasant cold is full-bodied, pure asepsis, drink hind has sanitarian effect to human body, be known as " the world the 3rd spring " . Hangzhou has a common saying: "Tiger of tea of Dragon Well tea runs water " , tea of Dragon Well tea and tiger run water element says " west lake double absolutely " . The tea of Dragon Well tea that goes out with the fontal bleb here, its tea flavor more become aware faint scent. Watch a spring here, listen to a spring, article spring, try a spring, its are happy boundless.

The tiger runs there still is an emerald green a small room near the spring, fold room of hall of emerald green a small room, arhat, belfry, tablet, aid fair tower of fair hall, aid, tiger runs dream spring statue, great one rabbi (Li Shu is the same as) the numerous tourist attraction such as the tower, view and admire for tourist. The tiger runs the big kind valley of the place, build temple having Buddha namely since Tang Dynasty, up to now the tiger on hill runs after the spring, still installed large sculpture " dream tiger " , see following one by one of two fierce tigers runs only the ground gives a spring, dignitary sex empty a Buddhist monk however You Ziyi like that in the dream; Before stone carving, chan of Chan of a Qing Quan flows toward hill. Whole sculpture faces water according to hill, muddy is like a day to become, the setting harmony that repairs bamboo with layer hill glen, Maolin is harmonious, make the tiger runs this is had by the mountain forest park that in former days Buddhist templeput on the brakes of the name on the lake evolves and becomes make the finishing point pen.

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