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West lake - Shuang Feng inserts the cloud
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The height austral   , north height, be in ancient time west lake group the noisy in hill fills hill of temporarily Buddhist name, the summit builds temple having Buddha, tope. Year fine day, haze emerald green mist is white, show when the concealed when the tower is pointed, from the west lake Zhou Zhongyuan is watched, landscape alone mark one case. When the Southern Song Dynasty, two peaks insert the cloud to become famous and ascend body west lake 10 scene.

Since clear generation, two peaks tope or collapse destroy, or be struck by lightning, only Yu Daji, send eventually mound useless, "Insert the cloud " landscape exist in name only. Bright emperor tastes Dan Qingkang when autograph is gotten the better of, change two peaks to insert the cloud to insert the cloud for Shuang Feng with sufficient west lake 10 situation whole amount, be in today perpendicular tablet of either end of a bridge of clever concealed Lu Hongchun builds booth, reason scene eye still is put, landscape connotation criterion change performs uprise to look at lake hill grand sight, and it is You Jia in order to admire the autumn hill red autumnal leaves, Tian Qingsu that take frostlike powder.

South height vicinity west lake, climb a hill its peak can look down at famous historical site of west lake complete lake, yao watchs magnificent spectacle of Hangzhou new appearance, leisurely of heaven and earth,

Boreal summit summit builds Mao Zedong " the height that ascend north " poetic tablet, ascend of abide mountain line, loosen all the way acoustical strip rain, half empty haze enrages assembly cloud.

The natural scene of two peaks is unusually beautiful, peak situation high and steep is boundless, fine rain morning faints different, be especially after rain or cloud is cloudy weather, pink clouds, Bai Yun or thick or weak, tangle suddenly ignore block, it is the cloud it is hill, hazy, like a grand Shui Molin Li shade has the landscape picture scroll that send to be shown before. Early morning, continuously mist falls to rise gradually from hill, double peak of look into the distance, just be like the one unconscious fine gauze opposite side, body to wrap around the girl of cicada's wings, charming cowardly bashfully, seem to make you look of purpose not clear, guess not, show a kind of elegant beauty; Falling thick and fast in rain during springtime or season of Qiu Yumian continous, rising of the cloud and mist between hill, situation if wave, yun Nong is like hill, hill Dan Shiyun, make your Yun Shan is divided hard, it shows a kind of magnificent beauty again; The Chu Qing after rain, the cloud spreads half way up the mountain, peak of garrulous attack by surprise supports, boundless and indistinct one, if if,the Shuang Feng of emerald green black sinks float, when show when concealed, the island of two celestial being in sea of Fang Buddha vast, it shows a kind of mysterious beauty again. Weird the double peak cloudland of much appearance, make a person really acclaim as the peak of perfection.
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