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West lake - 3 Tan Yinyue
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3 pools of   imprint the month says again small sea continent, insular shade coagulates beautiful, gardens essence is elegant, article arteries and veins temperates and refined, graceful, rank a west lake 10 scene, you Yizhong autumn the month in season sky, month in water, month in the tower and enjoy the glorious full moon each have in popular feeling place " the bright moon " place of the person that fluctuation reflect, state of mind quicklies to fly and be Qiu You arrives surely.

Predecessor of 3 Tan Yinyue island are heart of Wu Yue water protects Ning Si temple radical, bright generation is circled base embankment is surrounded into the lake in the lake, clear minor details reframes old structure keep up to now. Complete island area 7 hectare, house west lake is artificial first of 3 islands. The surface on the island, bridge of music of north and south, thing land bank, daylight cloud shadow, looking glass of green jade water leaves, flowers and trees luxuriants and well-spaced, ichthyornis photograph Yue, booth Tai Yajie, walk change scene.

By boat the person is ascended small sea continent cross 9 bridges to come " my heart photograph imprints " booth, tripartite confrontation is filled with the tower of stone of 3 calabash form over green jade water at be filled with greet. In fokelore, tower of these 3 stone is artificer rash class sibling is the black milt that kill in the west lake to get rid of and 3 feet of the stone censer of vulture, because censer is will black milt,buckle in lake heart, show the leg of censer only so.

Actually tower of these 3 stone is established when west lake of dredge of Su Dongpo of poet of Northen Song Dynasty at first, tower of stone of form of these 3 bottle is observation mark, he sets to forbid to cultivate water chestnut lotus root in 3 towers, in case the west lake is foul. Come yuan of generation, 3 towers are destroyed, bright generation rebuilds the 3 towers that see now. And interesting is tower abdomen hollow, there are 5 equidistance round holes on spherical body, if be in month bright night, the flimsy on paste of mouth of a cave, tower midpoint lights lamplight, hole form imprints into lake face, present a lot of moons, its shadow separates true month and false month really hard, night scene is very attractive, reason gets a name " 3 Tan Yinyue " . Cloud of poem of bright person Zhang Ning: "Piece the month gives birth to the sea, 3 pools everywhere bright. Nocturnal chantey dance is in, the person goes in lens " .

Have net booth, idle to put ancestral temple of stage, wise man, receive hall of emerald green a small room, painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, my heart Xiang Yinting, Qu Qiao and the scene such as 9 lion stone. Dancing of laurel of the gold on the bank, liu Luhua bright, with vulture column the building set each other off of picture ridgepole becomes an interest. There is an island in having a lake, there is a lake in the island, there is garden in garden, music is answered changeful, the artistic trait of the curtilage on the Changjiang Delta water of pace Yi Jingxin.
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