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West lake - Liu Lang hears warbler
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  is located in bank of west lake southeast, emerge golden gate comes between clear wave door bank lake region, for " west lake 10 scene " one of. This scene is to admire the ground of 3 Yun Shan and one lake beautiful water, do not have distinguishing feature. Its predecessor is the royal garden when the Southern Song Dynasty- - get together Jing Yuan, yuan scene of garden overgrown with weeds is defeated after face. Yuan Laoding of A of huge trade of acting the Hui nationality, in Hangzhou build mosque, the bury after dying this, here common says to answer a grave. Liu Lang restores to hear warbler old scene when taking the place of to Qing Dynasty. 50 time promote 20 centuries gradually answer.   

Every arrive spring March, green willow basket smoke season, fine willow of 10 thousand trees waves with the wind dance, wan Recui billow breaks up empty, blue waves is billowy. The Liu Xing here has distinguishing feature each: Fine willow flap is like drunk wine of high-ranked imperial concubine, say " drunk willow " ; Branches and leaves is like lion head thriftily, say " lion willow " ; Overlook resembles girl wash gauze, say " wash gauze willow " etc. Reason here has Liu Zhou's name. Meantime oriole flutters, eagerly caw cries, reason has " Liu Lang hears warbler " say.

Here builds the billow that it is willow to hear warbler park now, friendship of complete garden cent, Wen Ying, get together scene, south field 4 scene area. Gardens layout is optimistic, pure and fresh, elegant beautiful, guileless. Liu Cong is foiling the different wood name such as violet Nan, cedar, An Yulan and green jade peach, Chinese flowering crabapple, Chinese rose is beautiful. Field east towering aloft on meadow level ground " Sino-Japanese no longer battle " monumental, and establish has Japanese oriental cherry, for people of Sino-Japanese two countries of friendly friendly feelings indicative. The border austral garden has a Shan Qiao to abandon, it is former residence of Chen Zhaolun of clear acting bookman.

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