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West lake - Na Bing curfew
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Because   this scene mothers the ding of the temple completely below Na Bing hill and get a name. Lie across of Na Bing hill at west lake south bank, the forest on hill is verdant, beautiful Shi Linglong, and much cavity. Bell of the Buddhist in the cloister such as the temple mothers to resound completely below hill every time, ding resound, along with wind far sow, lingering sound winds around, prolonged does not cease, it is especially when dusk is vast, that a curfew is particularly moving heart soul, it is the west lake is the the most precocious name, most attractive in 10 scene get the better of condition. Zhang Zeduan of painter of Northen Song Dynasty once had been drawn " Na Bing curfew pursues " , although this pursues far,be inferior to him " the river on Pure Brightness pursues " so become famous draws altar, but however by account Yu Mingren " hill records Tian Shuibing " in.

Na Bing hill, be continuous lie across at west lake south bank. The Later Zhou Dynasty appears the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor (954) , wu Yue country advocate money great father's younger brother builds Buddha temple Hui Riyong in Na Bing the foot of a mountain bright courtyard, become later stand erect with clever concealed temple the west lake at north and south one of two big Buddhist Taoist or Buddhish rites only kind temple. Another famous Buddha Buddhist templeput on the brakes promotes Na Bing the foot of a mountain teach a temple only then build at Northen Song Dynasty to open treasure 5 years (972) , it ever was the supreme headquarters that Home Tai Zongshan sends Buddhist day. Only kind temple, promote teach a temple to be added around in small cloister, after forming afterwards clever concealed, Tian Zhu community of temple of on the lake another Buddha, morning bell dusk is roused, screen hill is called again south " Buddha country hill " .

The affection of Na Bing curfew charm, shape carefreely, ding in the sky flies to the west lake, arrive directly at west lake the other shore, echo happen frequently, it is especially when weather fine is good, hand in noisy mix, prolonged does not cease. After Northen Song Dynasty, only kind temple and promote teach a temple to be promoted decline, years already long, the high reputation of Na Bing curfew and get the better of besides belong to under one's name of only kind temple only, all previous of belfry of only kind temple is built via destroying, big Zhong Ye is abandoned and answer casting, deducing ceaselessly promote decline fill be defeated. In recent years, every night to the New Year's Eve, personage of Hangzhou town all walks of life and foreign guest, countrymen residing abroad, tourist gathers in inside and outside of belfry of only kind temple, hold New Year to bump into Zhong Chu old see the New Year in activity. Ring when the 108th ding, as it happens is new office beginning when. The activity of this one indicative auspicious, joy, stable, solidarity, for infuse of old Na Bing curfew new meaning and glamour.
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