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West lake - clever concealed temple
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  temple of renown Yun Lin, found Yu Dongjin Xian Heyuan year (the Christian era 326 years) . Intelligent manage comes to Indian monk to Hangzhou at that time, see strange show of here mountain peak, consider as " concealed of celestial being clever place " , build a temple here so, name " clever concealed " . When the make one's rounds austral Qing Kangxi, the boreal height top after Ceng Dengsi is pulled get the better of, he sees hill issues cloud forest vast and lonely, whole temple eaves is enveloped in a light the pride of the morning, appear very peaceful, with respect to spirit favor a name then concealed temple is " Yun Linchan temple " . Now before day king hall that " Yun Linchan temple " gigantic plaque, namely in those days of Kang Xi's emperor " drive pen " .

Period of flourishing of clever concealed temple, have 9 buildings, 18 cabinet, 72 halls, buddhist monks is amounted to more than 3000 numerous. When Northen Song Dynasty, have Zhu Si of Changjiang Delta of person comment on, atmosphere extensive grand clever concealed temple is labelled buddhist courtyard first of 5 hill. Clever concealed temple is gotten really greatly " concealed " the interest of the word, eaves of whole grand temple is in with respect to dark hidden from view west lake group a of peak close Lin Qingquan thick green in. There is Leng Quan before the temple, fly peak Zhu Sheng. Allegedly Su Dongpo is defended Hangzhou when, friendly staff of Chang Xie poem comes this swims admire, ever went up in Leng Quanting " picture fan is sentenced case " .

Temple of clever now concealed is in Qing Dynasty end rebuilds on the foundation in succession repair is reconstructive, on the axes in complete temple building hall of the ordinal Wang Dian that it is a day, big Xiong Baodian, apothecary. The figure of Buddha of Maitreya of consecrate of niche for a statue of Buddha of door of hill of the look out in day Wang Dianzheng, leave uncovered bosom shows a belly, fu sits cattail hassock, show pleasant smiles; Those who carry the consecrate of niche for a statue of Buddha of pair of hill doors on the back is Buddhist Wei of the god that protect a law is carried on the back statuary, resemble rice of second year in high school half, the head wears golden helmet, wrap armour personally, alight. This honour statuary build with sweet camphorwood carve, it is keep of the Southern Song Dynasty up to now precious hangover. Day king hall two side are statue of colour of 4 days of big king, each 8 meters tall, each body wraps around heavy armour, among them two configuration are martial, two expression are genial, common weighs 4 big King Kong.

Big male Bao Dianyuan says to become aware Huang Dian, monolayer 3 fold duouble-eaved roof, imposing manner lofty. In the middle of the hall, lotus of crouch of Budda Sakyamuni image height over, clever photograph is majestic, nod look down at, august, this is our country's loftiest woodcarving sits one of type figure of Buddha. The former Sakyamuni figure of Buddha of clever concealed temple, because of big Xiong Baodian 1949 ridge purloin is collapsed by sky of termite eat by moth and destroy. Now this figure of Buddha is to be when the serious 1953 space that build a temple, by the sculptor of Zhejiang academy of fine arts and civilian art people uses figure of Buddha of Tang Dynasty Zen to be chief source of collective elaborate design. Figure of Buddha is 19.6 meters tall, one times taller than former Shi Jia statue much, with nearly 100 sweet camphorwood carve is become. Modelling of figure of Buddha is dignified dignified, low eyebrow detailed catalogue, gas beautiful is vivid, have elegant demeanor extremely.
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