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West lake - the Qiu Yue that make the same score a lake
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  is located in Bai Di carry on the west, gu thes foot of a hill or mountain south hill, the west lake outside be close to. Actually, regard a west lake as one of 10 scene, lake autumn month is averaged when the Southern Song Dynasty and do not have fixed scene location, the poetic word that this chants this scene from bookman ode is much in order to go boating nocturnal lake, the angle describe that enjoys the glorious full moon in the boat sees not hard, if have in poem of acute of grandson of the Southern Song Dynasty " lunar Leng Hanquan coagulates not to flow, extensive of oar song where puts in a boat 's charge " sentence; Ming Hongzhan writes in ancestor poem: "Autumn barge person is ascended absolutely billow is knitted, the dirt in lens of pavilion of celestial being hill " , leave those who pass for all time bright the west lake between 10 thousand past years in woodcut of 10 scene woodcarving, " the Qiu Yue that make the same score a lake " one graph still also lifts head full moon to be appearance subject in lake boat with the tourist.

Location of present scene of Ping Huqiu month, kang Xi just comes down certainly after 38 years. Kang Xi appraising west lake 10 scene, in Bai Di end and Gu hill combine a vertical stroke on the west " Ping Huqiu month " scene name tablet, only then draw near according to hill with this lake region is in for scene region. 50 time, will original the situation situation of 360 much square metre, enlarge 1600 square metre, remove enclosing wall of Ha Tonghua garden, and extend and transformed anise booth, " lake Tian Yibi " building and all sides hall. Between lake stone rockery, add the Zhi Gongfeng, pomegranate, orange osmanthus, flowers and trees such as crape myrtle, setting off one another booth, building, hall, a pavilion or house on a terrace, meaning of picture of extremely rich poetics.

The night of month of west lake autumn, since ancient times accepted for beautiful scene in a good day, was full of poetics picture meaning. Mansion approach wave, water of Fu of window of figured woven silk material, platform is broad, eye shot is open, autumn night tall look into the distance from a high place of look as far as ones' eyes can see is here far look, high above in the sky of Dan Jianhao month, lake day greens jade, jin Feng sends bright, water phase dissolve, do not know today evening He Xi. Forefathers has Shi Yun: "Lake of 10 thousand just is smooth long be like lens, month of the four seasons is good most appropriate autumn " , actually beautiful scenery autumn of far more than, far more than is moonlight, qing Luocheng Xiang has write have a pair of couplet hung on the columns of a hall: "Wear window and come winter of summer cool breeze every day, roll hill of the hill after bright moon of the hill before shade meets " .

Although make the same score limits of area of scene of lake autumn month,not be very big, but the scene that is in rare is here. Be in early Tang Chao, here builds Wang Huting. When the Southern Song Dynasty, watch what 4 emperor Yan Xiang watchs to build as family financial situation of Gu hill emperor, here builds full moon booth again. "Look at a lake " , " full moon " , this two " look " to make the same score a lake in the future Qiu Yueding location buries next foreshadowing hereat. Bright between 10 thousand past years, denounce of Sun Long of department ceremony eunuch is gigantic endowment answer when building west lake old scene, ever welled balanced to looking at a lake substantially reparative. Writer Zhang Dai is in " the west lake finds a dream " in account path: "Repair is luxuriant, add build gazebo, but wind but month, hold
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