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West lake - Yun Qizhu diameter
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  Yun Qi, be located in the foot of a mountain of face of 5 cloud Shanxi, allegedly Song Qiande 5 years (the Christian era 967 years) when Wu Yue king builds a temple here, have market of multicoloured cloud Xia Fei hereat, name then " Yun Qi " . In fact, here hill tall a depressed place is dark, zhu Maolin is close, early morning dusk, cloud rise from all directions often coagulates in a depressed place, pink clouds photograph is chased, because this is known as all the time " lake hill the first abstruse area " .

Yun Qiyuan leaves flourishing and blatant, a quiet means, rise on the west 3 get together booth, winding extend mountain forest in, my day of Gu Muyin slight corneal opacity, 10 thousand pole neigh beautiful bamboo, braid remove a huge green great cloud, those who swamp human society of the ways of the world is hot and cold, sway a Shan Ye flourishingly opportunity of survival. Look place sees, the friendship that person and natural harmony get along, nowhere is absent. From hill draw near in a depressed place the mountain stream that flow according to Zhu Jingshun and falls, cry ceaselessly achieve goes out bite babble the fontal sound of Dong. "Shadow of green bamboo of 10 thousand pole is very tall, fine spring of pharynx of brook of a few hill " , as it happens of these two poems spoke the natural scenery of diameter of cloud dwell bamboo. Former times has cloud dwell temple, voice of bell chime stone can be heard in Zhu Lin, first renown " Yun Qifan diameter " . Temple ground still is put, there is Gansu of knife of Hui Yanfeng, treasure, wall to watch a peak by, all be Yun Qi one of 6 scene.

Yun Qi not only Xiu Huang my day, and Gu Mu is shady, the west lake is cultivated age, the Gu Shu that body measures be among the best of candidates, be here centrally likely. Have chiliad of even more of one plant life for instance maple sweet, trunk is as high as 38 meters, brawny can allow 3 people so big that one can just get one's arms around, the station is admired below the tree inspect, see its situation shows the cloud is expressed only, too high to reach, as if the natural beauty of lakes and mountains historical ghost of thousands of years, all coagulates note at its that trunk in.

Yun Qizhu diameter, natural this true most but precious, the phlogistic summer of cicada song sound, it is the first-rate in she is one year swims admire season, walk in faint ancient on the road, be just as skin dive to green jade in bamboo sea billows, green shade connecting green shade, hill wind is chasing after hill wind, cool and refreshing wrapping cool and refreshing.

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