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West lake - Man Longgui rain
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  new west lake one of 10 scene. Become aware Gansu also says full home is done completely, be located in the southwest of the west lake, height and white crane peak place the natural dorp below stand erect south. When Wu Yue, here has small-sized Buddha temple more, the circle that has blessing of day of the later han dynasty of a the Five Dynasties 4 years to build among them promotes a courtyard, change to become aware completely after courtyard, because the temple is a name. The valley of happy in water hole and stone house hole, chun Richeng opens chrysanthemum, after autumn cultivates the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn completely, the scenery is satisfactory. Become aware completely especially Gansu on the way mountain line edge, establish has sweet-scented osmanthus of more than 7000 individual plant, every time seasonal fall, bead Ying Qiongshu, 100 Hua Zhengyan.

Sweet-scented osmanthus is the city flower of Hangzhou, become aware Gansu admires laurel completely, be Hangzhou person more admire the beauty of flowers one of amusement. Mid-autumn around, from become aware completely Gansu east the Qing Longshan of the head thes foot of a hill or mountain on the west the bank of brook of water happy mouth of a cave of the head is wayside, below the hill on hill, lian Yun's sweet-scented osmanthus cultivates number to open, see that overflow is worn only aromatic sweet-scented osmanthus, huang Rujin, bai Ruyin, gong Rudan, a string, tuft forms a cluster, compose full branch. Cross Lin Sao when autumn wind stroke, shock laurel millet sift is like rain, full Gansu noise removes to wash rice the sound that wash rice, friend name is " Man Longgui rain " .

Sweet-scented osmanthus has laurel of Jin Gui, silver-colored laurel, orange osmanthus, the four seasons to wait, flower is fine and when the quantity blooms greatly, be like Feng Lou water, often asperse along with wind fall, be like pluvial bead closely, in covert of person travel laurel, wash one's hair " rain " wrap around sweet, do not have interest one time. The village is annual 9, the west lake is held between October fall sweet-scented osmanthus section. In golden millet world, people with sweet-scented osmanthus special local product, the beautiful such as a thick soup of chestnut of the sweet-scented osmanthus that make and candy sweet-scented osmanthus is nodded, sweet and goluptious, welcome by the person that swim. The beautiful scenery here, have Shi Yun: "West lake August is Qing Dynasty swims, is where sweet is the view that connect bazoo dim? Become aware the Jin Su other Gansu is alled over completely, day wind plays fall 10 thousand Shan Qiu " .

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