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West lake - wind of Wu Shan day
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  west lake is new one of 10 scene. Wu Shan, common calls town god hill, be located in face of west lake southeast, winding rise and fall in Yu Fanhua's urban district, it is the location of mountain-climbing You Le with the most convenient tourist. Wu Shan makes an appointment with 100 meters high, the head of 10 many hill such as house of You Ziyang, cloud, 7 treasure, delicate eyebrows is connected, hill situation rises and fall, be continuous several lis. Wu Shan ever had " the first peak " say, this results from a paragraph of unofficial history: Willow of person of word of fabulous Northen Song Dynasty always describes Hangzhou landscape scene " look at tide " after one word passes into boreal ground, at that time gold advocate Wan Yanliang covet " have 3 Qiu Guizi, 10 lis of lotus " west lake beautiful scenery, aspire bends Gong Na to fall, and order picture project is slipped into face how (namely Hangzhou) steal draw one Zhang Xihu graph, bring back go making screen music, its get on problem poem: "Carry arms on 1 million west lakes, immediately Wu Shan the first peak " . Wu Shan still leaves Fei of rice of Legalists of allograph having the Song Dynasty now " the first hill " 3 words Chinese ink engraves stone.

Near Wu Shan Bao Chengsi " feeling Hua Yan " go up have Su Shi " problem peony poem " quarter stone, here also is affecting the story of a moving feelings: Cui of poet of Tang Dynasty of according to legend protects Hangzhou Wushan spring outing, because of thirsty buckle the door to beg an oar, be feasted by the enthusiasm of one young woman. The spring second year, cui is protected look for this to Wu Shan again female, see door front courtyard however as before, peach blossom as before, and that woman already did not know whereaboutldirection. Cui is protected disconsolate extremely, shi Yun inscribes between Yu Bi then: "This is medium now last year, set each other off of person face peach blossom is red; Person face does not know to go where, peach blossom laughs at spring breeze as before " . When Su Dongpo admires peony to Bao Chengsi later, those who Cui is protected see on temple wall " person face peach blossom " spring outing poem, deep feeling multifarious, also inscribe Shi Yun on the wall: "When spring breeze small courtyard comes however, see only between the wall make Jun Shi. Should ask make gentleman goes where, say to know with spring breeze by gentleman. every years old of year old year year He Qiong already, the flower is like the person is old last year. Protected Jun Re to come again last year, liu Lang Zaiqian is spent before in " . This poem is still all right identify, fine fine chant, do not become aware moving feelings.

Stone scene spreads all over Wu Shan, handsome condition confused is shown, most forgive of sapid a group the name is " Wu Shan 12 peaks " Shi Jing. Appearance of scene of this group of stone is exactly like the 12 any of the twelve animalses such as rat, ox, tiger, dragon, say again consequently " stone of 12 any of the twelve animalses " . The person of every You Wushan, in order to search as identical as him any of the twelve animals " any of the twelve animals stone " for fun. In addition, wu Shan still has pool of wave of lucky stone hole, month to wait scenic spot. On hill many ancient camphor tree, green shade if build, have among them " Song Zhang " , tree age already was in 800 years of above.
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