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West lake - snow of the incomplete that break the bridge
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  breaks the bridge to be located in the cent water of the west lake outside mixing nods li of west lake on, road of hill of north of astride of one aspect of the matter, another termination connects Bai Di. The name that breaks the bridge gets Yu Tangchao, its the name is little-known instead, at that time is a Shi Qiao, song Dai says to bless the bridge, yuan era weighs Duan Jiaqiao. In west lake Gu Jin in bridge of a lot of size, her name is the biggest. Allegedly, the bridge is broken early to had built in Tang Chao, when person Zhang Hu " temple of hill of problem Hangzhou Gu " have in the poem " break the bridge " one word.

Its renown origin, opinions vary, the way that says Gu hill comes here and break, friend name; Say Duan Qiao of Duan Jiaqiao abbreviation, homophonic is the bridge; Say to be built on Gu Shiqiao have booth, wintry day snow ceases raining or snowing, melt of ice and snow of bridge positive aspect, bridge moon face still silver of jade build by laying bricks or stones is spread, from arrowroot mountain overlook, the bridge feels with what the bank breaks, get a name " snow of the incomplete that break the bridge " ; Also someone says, corner of be content to retain sovereignty over a part of the country of dynasty of the Southern Song Dynasty, amorous painter takes the idea of water of incomplete hill remnant, drafted bridge name and scene name then, a kind of view is like after more desirable. Present break the bridge, it is to rebuilt 1941, 50 time via decorating. The northeast of the bridge has tablet booth, stand inside " snow of the incomplete that break the bridge " tablet. In " white snake is passed " in, white snake a form of address for one's wife and Xu Xian meet in this rain, lend an umbrella calm feeling; Meet unexpectedly here again meet again, become reconciled. Because of the strange feeling between this paragraph of person and god miracle, coronal of the fame that break the bridge at the west lake and become famous the world, enjoy bridge of the first lover praise.

Break bridge sight, too many beautiful things of the four seasons, time of damage of snow of You Yidong day most be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy. Every time the Chu Qing after snow, stand still north of look into the distance from a high place looks at either end of a bridge on the west, gu hill, Ge Ling is taken, a high building spreads jade of build by laying bricks or stones fining jade, lang Che of lake Shan Jingying, trifling and elegant, trifling chilly is clear, get the better of roaring however and lively, green thick Gong Cheng great, rank a west lake 10 scene be worthy of. People often says: Fine lake is inferior to pluvial lake, pluvial lake is inferior to lunar lake, lunar lake is inferior to Xue Hu, breaking the bridge is most precise and appropriate and vivid explain with notes. Li Liufang of bright end painter ever said: "Past comes on the lake, from break the bridge to look, fetch is sold be about to die, still call be known. Of the lake billow dim, the move that is like dawn about is cultivated, of the bright moon enter cottage. The Shui Yingfa that build hill, his place has settleclear wave gigantic dip namely, not as good as also! "
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