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West lake - Dragon Well tea asks tea
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  new west lake one of 10 scene. Dragon Well tea, be located in west the west lake on mountain range of Zhu Maolin's secret wind bamboo grove, this name Long Hong, renown Long Jiao, Dragon Well tea, be with fontal name well. It and jade spring, tiger runs spring, be known as Hangzhou 3 names spring, the Three Kingdoms east Wu Chi black year (238, 251) already discovered. The fokelore about Dragon Well tea is very much, as it is said this well and river sea are interlinked, need dragon having a mind lives, because of the name " Dragon Well tea " . Bring Su Dongpo again say " next having Long Yuan of eternally flood dragon " , friend name Dragon Well tea. Make pills of immortality of the Ge Hong when the Three Kingdoms of according to legend hereat.

Dragon Well tea is pool of a hemicycle spring, cooling spring is poured out of with respect to the trickling sluggishly between the Shan Yan from fontal rear wall, although big drought also not dried up. After overflow of the spring in the well, through stone cracking pending delay issues have diarrhoea, formed this to take Shu Jian to shed Cong, the Qing Li characteristic that fontal sound babbles. Spring of Dragon Well tea still has one peculiar place, it is when you little bar churns when the spring inside well water, the cent waterline of a peristalsis can appear on surface, as if You Long is general, this kind of phenomenon is more apparent when wet. Because ground water and subterranean spring collide each other,allegedly this is, two kinds of water quality weigh the difference be caused by with velocity of flow accordingly. This one curious natural phenomenon, make tourist smooth bought beautiful interest.

Of Dragon Well tea village of Dragon Well tea is on the west, annulus hill produces tea, tea of Dragon Well tea of renown west lake, because have beauty of alcohol of kind of emerald green, sweet-scented, flavour, form, assist is " 4 absolutely " and celebrated at the world. Poem of the tea of Yuan Daiyu collect that chant has " bud of boil decoct gold, after taking Gu Yu. Come together 23 child, 3 pharynx cannot bear gargle " . West lake tea in order to have dragon, cloud, lion, tiger not, it is with the lion peak, tea of ground of Dragon Well tea most, among them secret, go only Pin Ming of Dragon Well tea asks tea Fang Kewu, because this has " Dragon Well tea asks tea " say.

Dragon Well tea all around still have the famous historical site such as billabong of heart of divine carry stone, cleanse, one cloudlet, green jade a screen-like mountain peak 1000 circle, strange stone forest stands, gu Mu is very tall, song Huang is handed in emerald green, natural scenery deep and remote beauty. The make one's rounds austral Qing Qianlong so far, problem " lake hill the first beautiful " 5 words, cabinet of mountain of bamboo grove of billabong of heart of hole of stone of carry of life Guo Xiting, god, one cloudlet, Long Hong, cleanse, wind, Fang Yuanan, emerald green peak is " Dragon Well tea 8 scene " (hut, cabinet is useless already) . Bright person Chen Mei is fair make " try tea " poem, have " fountainhead of Dragon Well tea asks child look up " , "Do not know to at present hill not complete " beautiful line.
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