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Hangzhou shopping guideline
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Hangzhou history is long, products is rich, since ancient times the merchant gathers, person " shopping heaven " . There is do manual work already here the traditional handicraft of excellent, famed far and near, have the contemporary high-quality goods with tide of prep close behind, outstanding character again. Road of famous shopping street Yan'an, lakeside road and assemble of fierce forest square building of more than 100 shopping centers, general merchandise and brand brand shop. The brigade of the Hangzhou that the famous local speciality that introduces for you here, shopping guideline, main business street, professional market hopes to be you provides shopping reference.

Famous local speciality

Well-known tea of Dragon Well tea:
Chinese well-known tea, verdure of colour and lustre, be like sweetly orchid, flavour mellow pleasant is sweet, tongue of sparrow of be similar in shape, rank first of Chinese well-known tea.
Hangzhou silk:
The history is long, breed is various, quality is excellent, long negative great reputation. Colour magnificent, weaver is careful, win international gold prize for many times.
Zhang Xiaoquan scissors:
Traditional famous product, 17 centuries namely celebrated whole nation, win international large award for many times. The product sets steel even, grinding work is careful, cut is sharp, welcome by the client.
Wang Xing writes down fan:
Choose makings fastidious, tectonic and delicate, beautiful and practical, celebrated China and foreign countries. The white sandalwood fan of elegant of You Yixiang flavour is celebrated, painting and calligraphy has very Chinese interest.
Kiln of official of the Southern Song Dynasty:
It is the produces palace technically to use porcelain porcelain kiln when the Southern Song Dynasty. What burn porcelain to taste make carefully and nearly, the embryo is spent exquisite, glair layer is rich and generous, glittering and translucent kind of jade.
West lake silken umbrella:
It is bone with bamboo, with silken for the face, gentleness of quality of a material, colour is flowery maintain flower, furl is like bamboo paragraph, your person fondles admiringly.
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