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Hangzhou silk
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Hangzhou has " the government office of silk " say. Be apart from today the fine 4700 smalls piece of land surrounded by water come up out of land silk content already announced of the history of Hangzhou silk long, white house of Tang Dynasty great poet is easy " filar sleeve knits the calyx and receptacle of a persimmon of damask silk boast, wine of green division buy takes the advantage of pear to spend " line was spoken again at that time of the level of Hangzhou silk tall, lane of old times clear river the silken village of row upon row of more the prosperity that witnessed silk economy. Hangzhou produces silken, damask, continous all the year round nowadays, spin, crape, damask silk, collect wait for 14 kinds big, more than 200 breed, more than 2000 design and color, prospect is novel, richly showily, flowers is distinct, the character is lifelike, a lot of products have the honor to win national department actor or award of provincial and high grade product, sell as far as to on the world 100 many countries and area. Hangzhou silk head push Dou Jinsheng, factory of Dou Jinsheng silk founds 1922, ever was the export business that our country's biggest silk handicraft produces, basically produce rug of landscape, table, cushion for leaning on, curtain and broche dress material, the product is gorgeous, elegant, by international friend praise for " the flower of Oriental art " . The history is long, breed is various, quality is excellent, long negative great reputation. Magnificent of colour of Dou Jinsheng brocade, weaver is careful, win international gold prize for many times.

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