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West lake - Ruan Dunhuan greens jade
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  new west lake one of 10 scene, isle of a green in be located in a west lake. The isle is Qing Jiaqing 5 years (the Christian era 1800) , when Zhejiang make one's rounds strokes west lake of Ruan Yuan dredge, the laborer digs more than 104000 tons of silty accumulation and into. Ruan Yuan, word Bai Yuan, date Yun stage, jiangsu appearance signs a person, quiet acting famous learned man. Be opposite to commemorate him book of article of ancient time of Zhejiang culture development, reservation and the contribution that administer a west lake, name this island to be " Ruan Gong mound " . Because dirt is loose, unfavorable build booth stage villa, maintaining greenery to give birth to smoke all the time, the nature with brilliant wild flower is ecru, became the paradise of bird of of all kinds birds.

1982, to develop travel resource, park department uses sheet metal shallow base light-duty configuration, in this area on 8.5 mus island, add many tons of 1000 clay, all round piece stone consolidate, capital construction more than 240 square metre, built on the island " mountain villa of annulus green jade " , have " the booth that recall Yun " , " cloud water is resided " , " annulus green jade is small build " , go angling area monarchs again after, " village of annulus green jade " , form what have distinguishing feature quite " greenery flowers hides Zhu She " the gardens on water.

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