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West lake self-help swims traffic strategy
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Teach you how to swim in west lake self-help:

Diameter of bamboo of dwell of west lake cloud: By village of 508 27 road, Dragon Well tea the station falls
Rain of laurel of west lake full Gansu: 4 zoo stations issue 薻

West lake tiger runs: 薻 4, 538, K599 Lu Hu runs below the station

West lake Dragon Well tea asks tea: Below station of village of 508?7 road, Dragon Well tea

9 brooks smoke cultivates the west lake: K4, 27, 308, 504, swim 5 lines can amount to 5 road, holidays Wu Shan: ?5, 38, to Wu Shan square station falls 40

Hole of west lake yellow dragon: ?6, 21, 23, 28, K599 road falls in station of Huang Long hole

Hill of emperor of west lake jade: ? Yu Huang stands

Hill of west lake gem: 薻 7, swim 2, in Ge Ling 27 times the station falls

West lake Su Di: ?07, 504, K4, swim below 2 Lu Sudi stations

Wind of courtyard of west lake music carries on his shoulder or back: ?07, 538, below station of carry on one's shoulder of wind of 15 music courtyard

The west lake averages lake autumn month: 27, 7 high mountain grave stand

The west lake breaks the bridge: KBelow station of snow of the 7 incomplete that break the bridge

Billow of west lake willow hears warbler: 薻 4, below stations of 38 Lu Qingbo door

The west lake spends harbor to watch piscine park: 薻 4, 538, K599 Lu Sudi stands

Peak of west lake thunder: K4, swim 1 fall to clean temple

West lake double peak inserts the cloud: ?07, swim 2 Hong Chunqiao stand

Relevant special subject: Laky brigade  

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