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Eat in the west lake
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The west lake of wintry day appears very hazy, a mirage is enveloped go up in the west lake. Come last west lake, a few famous tourist attractions were had been to, so we this went back a few places that did not have been to ramble, for instance 6 close a tower, prince bay park, zhejiang museum, zhongshan park, yang Gongdi is waited a moment, this wanting that see house of west lake state guest, but see somebody was banged come out, did not go forth again, the young soldier that for fear that also is stood sentry with a bang comes out (face thin ah) . Review a few places that have been to even of course, e.g. Bai Di, the very natural building outside taking a floor, nodded fish of west lake vinegar, east slope flesh, lotus root of sweet-scented osmanthus polished glutinous rice, noisy blast fragile Ling, a thick soup of west lake beef waits these rise saying that let a person produce clinking daydream a moment and the food that wants dribble, see next pictures, it is to satisfy a craving for delicious food very.

The last day will to Liu Lang hear warbler, listen to a name to let a person feel very beautiful, the spit in the morning air embellish wet wet, wicker still green of green graceful hang down to go up in west lake edge, the Liu Xie of one ground fell on alley, birdie cries in what chirp, the mist-covered water on lake face is vast, feel really extremely beautiful! ! The lunch midday can be wasted anything but, will to official knowing ingredient eat fastfood, nodded dumpling of fermented glutinous rice, crab meat is small basket, smoked fish of the five spices is waited a moment, the with nothing left that is eaten by us.
Since spring after going to Hangzhou admiring peach blossom, want to go to Hangzhou again all the time. Apropos husband christmas has a holiday, I still have holiday of a few natural span of life to did not rest, because of this chime in easily, gave electronic bill, order fine public house, fly happily to Hangzhou.

Arrived there, see tree, brushwood still is in that way green, of the warm complacently that the sun illuminates, the joyance with really clinking mood and happy. We the purpose that this comes back eats namely and play (2 this is my travel main purposes, breathe out ah) , set out from the hotel that day afternoon accordingly, go looking for to cry " Kui yuan house " old name restaurant eats shrimp to explode eel face, this can be the fascia face here, flavour is very delicious, see next pictures (when firm end comes up, want than this inviting, basically be we have not enough time excitedly to take a picture to go up chopstick) .

A lot of local speciality still was bought before be being faced, what lotus root starch, dried bamboo shoots, all sorts of local bit hearts, still have the fish of official knowing ingredient. Most the most regretful is to did not go to Hangzhou silk city, hear over there it is all sorts of silk goods, want to go very much occasionally, because be being barred by husband,be did not go. Results or pretty are big nevertheless, of the food that satisfied us already desire, full saw beautiful prospect, occasionally content with one's lot!
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