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West lake beautiful scenery swims 2 days (graph)
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West lake beautiful scenery swims 2 days (graph)
Very long did not keep a diary, the travel of the Hangzhou that does not cross this two days or the interest that arouse me to carry a pen come, carry each enthusiastic netizen on Cheng net what is more,the rather that give directions to also went out this to save many time and silver all right for mine really, the most important is the good humor that brings from this.
Of long holiday a few days ago, the busy job after be a section prepares and help a son make up a missed lesson, after finishing established job, on October 6 eventually drive car leaves for Hangzhou. All the way, colour of sky has bit of haze from beginning to end, but did not rain, this is the weather that I expect. Through 2 hours of trudge that be less than, the public house of Yu Huangshan manor that before we come to a week, books through carrying Cheng network. The car stops after the parking lot of the hotel to return Shanghai to had not been moved all the time till us, this is a well-advised decision (be informed from netizen place beforehand, of tourist attraction of golden week of area of west lake scene stop fare to be 30 yuan unexpectedly / hour! ) . After Check In, come to a room, can say only general, perhaps say not very is not quite good, clean, of the astral and so on that chooses a holiday possibly live inn will be betterer (when waiting for me to be booked on the net, these living inn is already full) .

Drop a bag, we set out very quickly. Because the hotel leaves a west lake very close, we decide to choose to walk. As expected, the 10 long bridge parks that the left and right sides saw a west lake, we chartered a dynamoelectric ship. This wanting that go up to be over a little while more in lake face, but be less than 10 minutes, feel to the west lake of here is mixed and do not have the poetic flavour of wash, swam half hours then we to disembark from the boat.

Press anticlockwise direction, the travel of our edge west lake began. The mirage on lake face a little bit bigger, it is not quite clear that the picture of far has looked. 10 minutes or so, we discovered one is located in the cafes on west lake edge, in side relying on a lake, we chose a piece of table to sit down, wanted two cups of Dragon Well tea and a popcorn next. It is the reason of smoother only, what did not feel due is satisfied... . Lunch time was gotten on for, where to go lunching? Red sludge? Nevertheless this is us 3 people still do not have too big appetite, I thought of the STARBUCKS of west lake heaven and earth suddenly, be in Shanghai the frequenter that I can be STARBUCKS, the STARBUCKS on west lake edge enters lunch and CAF é should be a not poor choice. Then we rise set out, not disease continues slow to go forth. 20 minutes or so, saw west lake world eventually. STARBUCKS is in entrance the left-hand side, miss not easily.
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