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The memory of the emperor ridge
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The travel of the emperor ridge was become drive oneself swim, be only then expect do not.

This He Fuyang is contended for dozen " Sun Quan " of travel brand " tourist attraction " piece my strong interest was aroused before travel. History record is the place of mother of bury of bell of descendants of filial piety of the Eastern Han Dynasty, sunzhong gave birth to father Sun Jian of Sun Quan, sun Quan did Wu Dadi, also accomplished " the emperor ridge " renown.
A cat likes new site, come to this had be notted develop " tourist attraction " visit district, it is he disentombs of the originality of new line lift. I also very hold with go to such place, was developed, always have some of barpque taste, very factitious. Motorcade just set out, leave in interphone had fun, diaphaneity of the window after the head car of A cat Xiaole is very pretty good, everybody spread out to discuss ardently then, the hand that the topic for discussion is Xiaole is put in where after all... ... this is fine in the morning, the brigade of the implementation of another hope and dream, below the traffic light that twinkles alternately, in the call sound of as one falls, advanced ahead as the wheel.

The scene of the bank austral Qian Tangjiang, difficult organic conference is admired. The car is advancing, dig sanded boat, also be fisher probably, be like withered and yellow willow Xie Ban, carefree in the river ground is swinging. Thither forest, although fall in winter smooth leaf, right now already aloof bud is worn opportunity of survival. Walked out of the urban district, hill also is like no longer before that kind " dimly " , after-thought is ferial that is equal in the city hazy, to the scenery before, also move spy is fastened loved, even if is the Yang Chen that enjoyed a paragraph not to have light, also feel to be worth quite.

The Shi Fu that is close to tung cottage the city zone presses down southeast, have a village of clear a depressed place, from now on the car goes 2, road of earth of 3 kilometers hill arrived below foot of the emperor ridge. What see above all is the building of an auditorium about, the front is similar Ou Shi's memorial archway, extremely not delicate, a five-pointed star supports in, upper part of two side door still has " self-made " , " go all out to become strong " model of written characters, if also calculate scene, provide quite " Chinese characteristic " . Have inside super- imaginary space, complete ligneous structure, have stage, most propbably is the place that the production team opens plenary meeting. Stage side was hanged a few hang a lantern, new still, should be to use those who spend the New Year. A few agricultural facilities are falling at will, recreational and without foreword, in the country, dimensional use need not plan overly oneself.

This is the season that an oily cauliflower and peach blossom bloom, the course is old when coming cole spends cropland, "Doubt is like " Wu source. And on hill is admired " contend for colourful " , more become aware worthy trip. One day swims normally relaxed, even if is visit district. The everybody a few hours ago is unfamiliar still, perhaps this is place of outdoors motion glamour, right now 12 people all the way josh is worn, also do not become aware those who give ascend is painstaking unexpectedly. Go to half hill, eye shot was widened rise, this also is the glamour of mountain-climbing, may not is to want " conquer " idea is hanged before the bosom, climbing is one kind is enjoyed after all, become you to be able to see distant place eventually, and can the distance of the distance that have visions of loses sight of then, the sort of so called conquer, more the ferocious that is like a kind of angrily.
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