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Strategy of travel of state-owned bank of west lake poplar
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If you are to drive oneself,head for area of Yang Gongdi scene, there also are many places that can jockey near scene area.

Oneself witting parking lot is like next few points:
1, former residence of Lin Fengmian of clever concealed road is inclined on

2, Qu Yuan wind carries on his shoulder or back on the west the Jin Xi mountain villa on the door

3, mouth of front door of Hangzhou flower nursery

4, the 5 peaks careless hall of mouth of bank of Yanggong of road of Dragon Well tea

5, Mao Jiabu drunk Bai Lou

6, side of tortoise altar north and on the west side

7, the road of 8 dishes of mountain between tortoise altar and bath swan bay

8, know flavour to observe Yang Gongdi store (flavour village)

Traffic: Yang Gongdi although car traffic capacity is very finite, but before go excursive hands in aperient nimble to spend because this suffers,not was restricted. The public traffic that goes to includes:
Y5, Y1, 527, Y9, Y2.

Among them city of Y5 way the Song Dynasty, 9 brooks, tiger runs, 6 wait for a station with the tower;
Square of Y1 way Wu Lin, stop the bridge, Yue Miao, station such as clever concealed;
Highway of railway station of station of Y2 way city, west lake, Su Di (south mouth) wait for a station;
Sports center of Y9 way Huang Long (travel is distributing center center) , the station such as lakeside park;

527 ways article the station such as 3 crossing.

No matter be returned from area of scene of west lake other,be downtown so heading for area of Yang Gongdi scene is very convenient.

General situation:

Appeal of west lake nature most Cheng Zhi is in, should belong to on the west the area of Yang Gongdi scene of the line, as what the west lake took a project on the west 2002 comprehensive and finishing, area of Yang Gongdi scene has become west lake excursive newest focus, and make the goes surely part of tourist with each passing day.

Area of Yang Gongdi scene on the way place offer tourist attraction includes: Bay of swan of pool of flower nursery of sanded harbor of carry on one's shoulder of music center wind, gold, Zhao Gongdi, Hangzhou, Guo Zhuang, Mao Jiabu, tortoise, bath, beautiful harbor watchs a fish. Come from north south green jade having link, stream gold, lie source of travel of show of dragon, concealed, scene, dredge 6 bridges, with Su Di photograph of 6 bridges thing looks.

Visit area of Yang Gongdi scene by boat:

The tourist is already OK nowadays from the west lake east one park dock heads for the lakeside of the bank by boat Dou Jinsheng former residence of Mao Jiabu; Also can watch the Xiaona lake dock by the fish to head for bath swan bay by boat from beautiful harbor. Additionally west lake yacht can arrive at the tourist attraction such as harbor of flower nursery of tortoise pool, Hangzhou, Jin Sha likewise, enjoy swing a boat in, search deep and remote pull success aesthetic feeling.
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