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Play turn west lake 3 names scene
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Went before long, we come to the west lake 10 names scene -- area of scene of fish of the view that spend harbor. This tourist attraction is a large park that covers an area of more than 20 hectare, complete garden cent is red snapper pool, peony garden, spend harbor, great lawn, close forest land 5 scene area. Most those who make me enchanted is to be located in a park mid slant south the red snapper pool of place, this is complete garden swims admired central section, see Chi An is labyrinthian and natural only, the bridge that set song is driven on the pool, my lean overlooks downward in bridge column edge, before Gong Li fish troops immediately, the scale of thousands of gold in pool of that red snapper comes " get admire " , they are so lovely, so attractive. Aunt of if it were not for is urging me to go next tourist attraction -- music courtyard wind carries on his shoulder or back, I am hated to part with really leave.

Carry on one's shoulder of music courtyard wind is the most conspicuous is the lotus that about a hundred breed helped advance somebody's career in the lotus pool of the size inside the park, have lotus of Gong Lian, Bai Lian, heavy stage, the lotus that asperse gold, twin lotus flowers on one stalk-a devoted married couple waits a name a moment to plant lotus. Look, lotus lotus leaf is completely on surface, one has pose, have white, of pink, have bloom, have ajar, still have bud. The erect on lotus pool a few little bridges. People passes from the bridge, as walking in lotus. Really " receive Tian Lianxie not to have poor green jade, the lotus that reflect day another red " .
View and admire a Yuan Fenghe, the central tourist attraction that we watched a west lake by ship -- 3 pools reflect a month. Look far, the shows triangular shape to distributing pagoda that 3 miniature stand tall and upright on the surface that sees the west lake is quiet only, with the Bao Shuda echo each other at a distance in the covert on the hill opposite side. If be to come to here in the evening, affirmation can see the bright moon mirrors in these 3 pagoda one round. Pardonable people often says: If the west lake is a fairy word, so music courtyard wind carries on his shoulder or back, fish of the view that spend harbor is two colored ribbon in fairy hand, and 3 Tan Yinyue is to enchase 3 gem on fairy body.

Summer vacation of the year before last year, I and grandfather grandma play to Hangzhou aunt home. This day, weather is very sunny, the aunt accompanies us to visit a west lake together. We go at the same time along west lake bank, admire beautiful scenery at the same time.

On the road, the aunt tells the fokelore that removed a west lake to me: According to legend has one Long Yifeng, they collect a bright phearl on a hill. They protect this bright phearl meticulously. , king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank saw this bright phearl in heavenly palace, with respect to the clique day of troops from heaven-an invincible army will steal bright phearl come back. Long Fengfa shows bright phearl by pilfer, very sad, their look about, but did not find. Before long, old age of king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank, all immortals attended, include Long Feng. On the banquet, king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank says gladder more, take jewel with numerous an immortal appreciation. Long Feng viewed jewel, knowing is king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank bright phearl spirit away, go contending for bright phearl with king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank with respect to what fling caution to the winds, the result does not take care to drop bright phearl lane in Hangzhou when contention, became a west lake. Heard this story, I carry the eye looks, the west lake hopes to be less than the big spectacles of the edge like, the greenery of blue sky white cloud of the sky, bank mirrorred on lake face to become a vivid picture scroll, extremely beautiful.
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