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Strategy of travel of west lake bicycle
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Swim the west lake can choose to ride bicycle

Can arrive at the first bridge of Yang Gongdi from boreal hill road or auroral road: Bridge of annulus green jade. Contrasting next map, ride the Yang Gongdi of 3.4 kilometers. After giving Yang Gongdi, right turn runs to the tiger road, go before 50 meters, namely right turn in 3 hill road. Wear from Zhejiang guesthouse finally piece, to road of Dragon Well tea. The just in time of farmhouse happy restaurant that roadside of Dragon Well tea discharges one row gives you compensatory nutrition. On the way main tourist attraction: Lake of annulus green jade is abandoned, -- Tian Zelou -- , Zhao Gongdi -- , the lid calls a day former residence -- , small concealed garden -- , Guo Zhuang -- building of yellow thin bamboo strip --
Ride to either end of a bridge drifting gold, can do a bit stay, go building former residence making a day to look.

In concealed show either end of a bridge can be done a bit stay, the left and right sides is looked around, it is li of delicate west lake at the same time, it is the water area of cogongrass home port that is full of open interest at the same time,

Can do a bit at modest ancestral temple stay, have a look at grave of this and Yue Fei's eponymous historical celebrity ancestral temple.

Difficulty: Scene area amuse oneself may need to cycle 10 kilometers left and right sides, need certain manual support.

Bicycle travel recommends an index to be ★ of ★ of ★ of 4 stars ★

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