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Changjiang Delta is recalled, most recalling is Hangzhou
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Work hard in Shenzhen eventually ground get over " 11 golden weeks " . Look at others helplessly of mouth of the 11 belts that carry the home go sightseeing everywhere travel, what we do estate is on holidays works overtime, do not have method the place with a pretty scenery can search to make up for after the section only.

Hangzhou is the terrestrial heaven in everybody memory, once admired the bright moon mid-autumn in all in beautiful Hangzhou with wife, this the leader offers revisit is so-called " of love " Hangzhou, I also want to review the beautiful scenery of this Changjiang Delta again. After unified thought, we did not sleep overnight concoctive line. Following a group is a certain number of hooey that just do before New Year then, urge a life perpetually to drive, trot along on horseback the tourist attraction that watchs a flower saunters, did not touch again definitely on the which special mission that shops compulsively, then discreet for the purpose of, it is a principle closely with happy, free, illicit, with two tickets number adopted agenda, we should drive to be driven oneself swim.
Above all, surprizing Hangzhou is checked to 2 lose airline ticket on the net, low reach 250 yuan, adding the airport to build cost and fuel expenses is 380 yuan, ordered two pieces, 760 yuan, take low discount airliner to feel happy this is not the advantage of the golden week namely. A range of half hours reached airport of Hangzhou desolate hill. Went out to arrive at the hall, see dragon of stationmaster of taxi station, bus queues up, ah, we not to it associate with. Will had been arranged already " the car is rented " do ace add with speed of ten minutes, shift a car! Look at the person that lays a plane together still queueing up anxiously to wait for a taxi, want to tell themselves to drove to not be over really, do oneself are so anxiously anxious Lv ground! The company that rent a car is in the airport, pass in Hangzhou hire before, or how am I met so easy, phone of service of a whole nation is done decided.

Wife took car key to guide the car on me, I although have an itch to do sth wants to drive to also must wait for a leader to leave tired just have an opportunity, sit in the deputy member that drive the navigation that taking electronic navigation to become a glory then (how to sound suddenly elephant having a place guides blind dog) , road blind leader also has only at this moment the modestest accept civilian to suggest...

Hired an argent Bie Kekai Yue 1.6, car of brand-new automatic archives tall configuration. Putting rising and falling Sa Ke Sifeng all the way, this serves with respect to the standard that is regular corporation, towel of CD, paper, still have a bottle of mineral water, ah, be detail decision success or failure really! Only we reached a hour west lake edge enters a public house, this is the closest from the west lake hotel, push a window to be able to see halcyon west lake, walk also only 50 meters, be to enjoy the life really.
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