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The travel of Yang Gongdi of my west lake beautiful scenery
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The horny corner of the west lake falls to hiding the beauty that expect letting a person is less than, and beautiful enough of Yang Gongdi lets each longing from the city blatant in the person place exclaim of extricate oneself. The city nowadays changes the forward stride of process in big strides, reinforced concrete is trying to surrounding everything beside, of be mingled with of billow wagon flow is people is spellbound with mad dry. Then people decides to escape, escaping multifarious city life, look for an at leisure, the allows oneself to accept nature illusion severe test that seeks beautiful view of hill of swirl of a water, adopting same think of a way, 51 during, I this Hangzhou person is riding a car 3 times to all over Yang Gongdi all right, enjoy interior trip.

Must admit Hangzhou person is happiness, the boreal hill road of close water of close at ordinary times lake, south hill road, Bai Di, south line scene area is the good place that cultivate one's morality raises a gender, but be in when us 51 during when each tourist attractions that discover above place alludes are flooded by the tourist place of jostle each other in a crowd, still have Yang Gongdi this quiet and deep and serene land can include me. Although Yang Gongdi's tourist is measured steep during the golden week also add, but the temperament that still feels interesting be overflowing with of Yang Gongdi Na Ye, elegant is quiet is done not have subsequently and die.
Head for Yang Gongdi very convenient, from boreal hill road end left abduct is on the west. If you are nonlocal tourist, the shop before Yue Miao hires a bicycle to visit Yang Gongdi by bike will be when one is saved already cozy business.

Enter Yang Gongdi by bike, head on and those who come is the first bridge since north -- bridge of annulus green jade, this bridge and Su Di cross rainbow bridge opposite, get off establish Yu Qiao to go up, hope the branching stream inside harbor of visible Jin Sha is winding on the west, the eastern side is a Yuan Zhu scene, scan widely far view is visible outside west lake shredded tobacco for water pipes is wispy.

Good view still is in jian hou mian, so I dare be not done more stay, before continueing, go, shed Jin Qiao it is thus clear that namely. Shed Jin Qiaodong to lean on a Yuan Feng to carry on one's shoulder or back. Carry on one's shoulder of music center wind is everybody familiar to the ear can the west lake of detailed is famous 10 scene, this west lake enters project general lake on the west water introduced on the west inside the park, make a center wind carry on one's shoulder and Yang Gongdi one integrated mass, still added the humanitarian landscape such as drive wine lane to make additionally park appeal times add. Bridge drifting gold faces Zhao Gongdi on the west, the beautiful bridge of to bring up on the bank is located in desolate formerly Shan Xintang is street, build Yu Qingdao between light-year, whole is moved after move to show location, to rebuild the Zhao Gongdi after added ancient idea of a few minutes of leisurely. I walk along Zhao Gongdi inward, the teahouse of of primitive simplicity of a lot of modelling relies on a bank and build, make a person intense feel Hangzhou is a more and more recreational city really. Hostel of youth of the house in the lake that has distinguishing feature quite is inside reentry, the Changjiang Delta building with same white wall made of baked clay blueness is sending out breath of thick a region of rivers and lakes, see one foreigner depends on the keyboard that tapping notebook computer rapidly in corridor, the considers an infatuate person landscape artistic conception that is too impatient to wait it seems that stays in his computer.
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