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West lake: Happy and forget to return autumn scenery immensity
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The ancients has adage cloud: The success of the west lake, do not be in in the lake hill. Words from heart of this Yi Yu also. Remainder swims west lake, admire pediment of Chun Riyan beautiful, summer of wash one's hair blast Zhen Lintao, beautiful scene in a good day, in permanent heart. The autumn scenery of profusion of alone color page, the heart often reads aloud, have not sees in person, it is one regret also. On November 18, rain stops a bit, be the same as past You Yan with friend.

One of lapidary hill are pulled get the better of
Morning comes the bridge, see light of west lake wave is crystalline, as always. And hill color changes greatly, as expected autumn scenery immensity. Fragrant covert is unripe, color page brocade, red, yellow, green trichromatic ornament hill body, flowery and dazzing, although of dwell glow balance get the better of cannot fight also. Friend says: "Colour of sky is cloudy, be like clear sky 10 thousand lis, criterion beautiful scenery more very. " Yu Yue: "East slope poem cloud ' thick makeup weak wipe always appropriate ' , swim must the west lake see shade fine circle be short of act? " station roadside Sigu, hill is in north, the lake is in south. See swim generally west lake person, go toward the Bai Di that break the bridge more, you Shan person very few. Do not know to watch a west lake however optimal place, be in namely Shan Dian. alleged " do not know west lake real features, it is along the body only in this lake " . And the person is in Shan Dian, scan is not had hinder, look around, far hill close lake all stops eye ground, relaxed and happy cannot character.

Hill name says lapidary hill. Admire go and go up, see the tower that protect 俶 is gloomy fine thin, abrupt forest, of primitive simplicity is abundant. Green banboos deep and remote bamboo grove, have bird sparrow chatter; Air cools, if carouse Gan Quan. Hundreds level of abide stone Deng falls to the tower, see the tower is sincere building, cannot ascend also. Tower name says " protect 俶 " , is knowing why? At the beginning of Northen Song Dynasty of according to legend year, family name of fund of Wu Yue state sets up a separatist regime by force of arms Zhejiang, by force of press on the border of soldier of the Song Dynasty of Central Plains Zhao, be determined of 俶 of kingly Qian Hong enters Song Taizong of present oneself before Zhao Guangyi, with bright oneself annals, fight with Central Plains photograph innocently. The subject in the country thinks much auspicious of this do violence is little more, it is Shan Dian of the Yu Baoshi that build a tower with protecting, friend name. Fund family name is in Zhejiang tens of year, install to protect earth civilian, hold the post of Central Plains turmoil of war, do not have interference absolutely. Reason person civilian rich and popular, guo Taimin is installed. Until general trends puts in the Song Dynasty 's charge, destiny of Yixiao of fund family name, act according to on fall watch, beg the common people that do not have an injury only one person, praise is discussed when be being gotten greatly. " a hunderd schools is surnamed " fund family name is resided firmly secondly, the result of Gai Qianhong 俶 also. Think of now Taiwan Chen Mou, be like long narrow flag like that be aware, follow the example of the result of fund family name, criterion unify of within the country, china revives can be expected soon also.
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