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Eat to go in the west lake
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Area of scene of lakeside of new west lake

Drive a vehicle: (zero hour will rise on October 1)
Lakeside road (Qing Chunlu comes a section of a highway of post and telecommunications) the setting is close partly shopping mall, prohibit motor vehicle and blame motor vehicle are current. But allow Y1 of line of public transportation travel, 7 (18 when prohibit later) and the taxi that enters the guesthouse such as overseas Chinese restaurant, triumphant Yue restaurant, restaurant and social car by north Xiang Na is one-way and current;

Regard restaurant as north and south road of lakeside channel, Yan'an, wash gauze road to advocate passageway. Yan'an road (Qing Chunlu comes west lake highway paragraph) by south road of gauze of northerly, wash (Qing Chunlu comes west lake highway paragraph) by north Xiang Na conjugate carries out one-way traffic to organize, lakeside channel is executed two-way and current;

Slope road serves as the north and south that enters traffic of sex of lakeside area terminal east advocate passageway, prohibit large passenger car (except public transportation outside) current. Thing to immortal road (by Dong Xiangxi) , bachelor road (by on the west eastwards) , benevolence with the road (by Dong Xiangxi) , road of post and telecommunications (by on the west eastwards) carry out one-way and current.

Jockey: Place of small passenger car:

Open and large fair build a project to deserve to build parking lot car for social car place. Will rise on October 1, in 17 plot (smooth sea route with south, to the south of lakeside road, benevolence with the road with north, east slope road with on the west) , 21 plot (Yan'an road with on the west, benevolence with Lu Yina, east to the south of slope road, road of post and telecommunications with, have more than 300 berth about, the Yuan Lianyi by 6 parks will have 60 berth after edifice complete. In the meantime, in immortal road, bachelor road, benevolence wait for viatic Yan'an road with road of road, post and telecommunications to the south of paragraph buy open up 140 roadside parking space.


In addition, for the car place of area of convenient lakeside scene, reduce car circuitous the influence to dynamic traffic, liaison man will be installed in the corresponding position of lakeside scene area revulsive card and revulsive screen, have liaison man to car place revulsive. Taxi park:

30 parking space are set in white Fu Lu and Qi Wang Lu, center berth for the taxi, execute through immortal road, bachelor road one-way and current. In the meantime, in circumjacent road proper setting stops to go namely namely model berth dot, get off in order to go to the lavatory on the passenger. Bicycle park:

Basically use footpath to install. Mix in periphery of area of holy pond scene, one park periphery the viatic such as immortal road, bachelor road, smooth sea route east slope road with on the west paragraph the setting centers park to nod, can offer more than 4000 car.
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