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West lake tourist attraction differentiates
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Cent comes on the space: The scenery of the west lake can be divided again for south line and boreal line.

South line: From the view that spend harbor the fish begins to set out (sit Y1, y5, y9) can amount to, go along west lake edge, can pass Su Di all the way, chinese academy of fine arts, thunder peak tower, clean temple, mix to boreal hill road all the time south till hill road has sex, the place that recommends quite here is Su Di the one belt around.
What west lake museum is located in Chinese beautiful courtyard is inclined on, the Free of rich house is on the west very of assist, whenever Zhou San has the motion picture of a 3d in the morning,broadcast -- " west lake vicissitudes of life " , basically be the development process that introduces whole west lake, and archaic everybody is viceregal each builds to protect a west lake dam. The thunder peak tower that does not recommend, 40rmp/p, and student's identification card is invalid, the thunder peak tower of archaic moment is built at ancient time 977 years is Wu Yue so king is gotten to congratulate high-ranked imperial concubine child and build, from Lu Xun " talk Lei Feng tower drop " the everybody in one article can know, tower of ancient thunder peak had collapsed 1924, rebuilt on former involuntary discharge of urine 2000, the tower is more than meters 70 tall, when dusk time, the setting sun sets, slightly sunshine is aspersed on thunder peak tower, formed -- thunder peak afterglow, compare the prime cause that does not recommend to depend on, thunder peak tower now already put through too Fashion, the stair inside became elevator, whole gold fence is shiny, feel Gubugu does not show now. To the clean temple on thunder peak tower, it is aid allegedly fair become a monk or nun in clever concealed in those days arrive later here is ascetic, particular case is described in cloister of the 2nd part.

It is Hangzhou person is patted here marry according to the place that likes to come most, include prince bay (clear acting prince chases the park of amuse oneself) , look from here, the west lake is open, stretch to the horizon, it may be said of Chinese academy of fine arts is top art institution of higher learning of China, structure style is distinctive, education went to include Huang Binhong here, great Masters of a certain number of a person of academic or artistic distinction such as Pan Tianshou, doorway of Chinese academy of fine arts is Hangzhou is the famousest south hill region public house, one word discharges around at the door about more than 10 courtyards is in the beauty, afternoon tea (about 50rmb/p) still calculate fairer, a cup of light Dragon Well tea, add self-help cake, it is the good place that card games chats, it is certain that I miss the night life here very rich, but had not experienced, ah, estimation wants good much rice!

Boreal line: Carry on his shoulder or back from music courtyard wind (Y1, y9, 27) can arrive, perhaps set out to go 20 minutes along arboretum road greatly from short for Zhejiang Province can, along the road can see Yue Miao (Part 3) dilatancy, edge music courtyard goes OK to pass Wu Song grave along Bai Di, su Xiaoxiao grave, gu hill, autumn Jin grave, zhejiang museum, museum of art of west lake art, break the bridge to wait a moment. . . Wu Song grave, su Xiaoxiao grave, autumn Jin grave is less tourist attraction, trace can see too, breaking the bridge is commonner, if do not have a person special remind, tourist does not know for certain, telling the truth is a little arch bridge, ah, was gifted beautiful myth and fokelore. The Qiu Yue that make the same score a lake still can be passed in road, the 3 places such as Tan Yinyue.
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