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Skirt of Neon of west lake chiliad
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Although recover from an illness,the bone of iron of thunder peak tower after clanks, although Yue Fei, Yu Qian buries bone Xi Ling, although the Ou Pajian on lakeside road builds bully smell dye-in-the-wood... very regretful, hangzhou still is most feminine Hangzhou, become especially when full pond of summertime lotus leaf, west lake, attack by surprise does not live to be placed from skirt be filled with the cosmetics flavour that is filled with trail.

   The belle goes out like Bai Yun cave

The summer at the beginning of June, sunshine still is not so sinister, from old name conveniently of view knowing ingredient bought black group of 4 polished glutinous rice and tongue of a few duck, walk along an edge to eat along lakeside roadside. Round mouthfeel of blueness of polished glutinous rice is cool and refreshing, chew rise sweet of dirt grime, cannot eat a that when remnant comes down, below sunshine languid melts lazily. Head on, the fund of Hangzhou girl fund of graceful of a Wei Pingping graceful has gone, I sneaking, begin to melt together with dough. Allegedly, hangzhou woman since ancient times result at " sit jade house, lane precious jade kite " , the find hand is amorous most, and the woman that brush a shoulder at the moment and spends, both hands also did not come to nothing almost, the spun sugar with fleeciness if it were not for, balloon that is hanged in half sky like pet, it is the hand of sweetheart bounty.

More lovely is silken garment and paper umbrella. Berth is in west lake east before the gaily painted pleasure boat of the bank, a Hangzhou woman of gentle and quiet Ling Yun leans aft crazy crazy see a landscape, slender if the silken garment of the lake is showing the dimple like lake light, and clear Dan Zi, it is the color that I dote on. Hold to colorific, hangzhou woman has a nature, be together with lilac collocation, it is one handle light graceful blue oilpaper umbrella, below Chu Xia's sunshine, la Yuzi is harmonic the setting that gives Mu Guangying of a kind of approximate water, iron stick, shake, clear heart, be like Dragon Well tea of a cup of glittering and translucent and bright a kind of green tea picked before Pure Brightness.

Must admit, the attire of this woman has lakefront a bit theatrical costume composition, but Sigu photograph looks, do not search any electrons the trace of video equipment; Begin to believe then, be in a certain specific spatio-temporal, transcendental and free from vulgarity the way that can seem unreal like the dream with a kind exists, if do not have a west lake, all archaize with was become clumsy are made beautiful.

Gentle breeze rises suddenly, the woman's skirt places swiftly like that easily, umbrella of silken garment paper wants to flounce off gravity to flutter it seems that rise -- original beauty is like the cloud, be not " 3000 pink black " in order to measure score a success, however honest lightsome, spruce if Bai Yun goes out,cave.

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