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Spring day west lake drinks tea to admire the beauty of flowers interest of tour
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Spring day west lake drinks tea to admire the beauty of flowers interest of tourist amuse oneself is high (graph)
The willow of edge of Hangzhou west lake spits every bits of bit new bud, it ases if should tell people first: Spring should come.
Yesterday, the highest air temperature of Hangzhou achieved 20 ℃ again, below warm this world, bearer of person of west lake edge is gone to. Drink tea, those who admire the beauty of flowers, pat willow to spit green, still have the peacock of busy spread its tail, telling everybody it seems that, spring should come really.

Drink tea to have a meal

Farmhouse is happy explode full

Farmhouse food shop of Mao Jiabu greeted busy season ahead of schedule yesterday. Both sides of road of plum clever north stops early full car, without person specially assigned for a task " give directions " , the guest that come late cannot find a vehicle at all.

Besides Hangzhou car, the car of Jiangsu and Shanghai license plate is very much also. From Jiangsu Wu Jiang comes Mr Jiang, zhou Wu goes to Hangzhou in the evening, so good weather, it is to choose Mao Jiabu to drink tea to have a meal of course: "Here has so that play, dot can be caught catch small fish, take a walk on the hillside, we Your Excellency to still can bask, card games. Card games..

Last noon, of Mao Jiabu " farmhouse is happy " be in basically explode full status, the proprietress of a restaurant says gladly, because weather is good,so much guest is, she listens to weather forecast to say weekday still is a good weather, the business is certain pretty good.

Additional, group of scene area policeman also warns a citizen, because the vehicle of discrepancy scene area is special yesterday much, estimation returns height of meeting occurrence traffic today, proposal citizen takes public traffic tool as far as possible, reduce pass in and out of illicit home car.

Spread its tail " smelly beauty "

Peacock love is lively

With the tourist a busy move steps spring still have a peacock. These days, the peacock in beautiful harbor park is performed for the tourist every day " peacock spread its tail " , tourists are stepping Chun Zhiyu to still can appreciate so good view, the mood is more auspicious.

Yesterday, the tourist in beautiful harbor park also is mixed west lake somewhere else the tourist attraction is euqally special much, it is to transmit more inside peacock garden a hurrah. The peacock such as rapid move can grant many tourists the face opens second screen, some tourists still keep hitting a bottom, call out.

The peacock also did not make everybody disappointed, differ meeting is easy the feather that revealed their beauty. Return only among them special " smelly beauty " , a little while hither the crowd is revealed, show off to the crowd of across again a little while, but vigorously.
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