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West lake temptation
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In the west lake in, stand have lapidary hill and Ge Ling, "Gem sheds glow " it is new west lake one of 10 scene. Be shown at the beginning of alpenglow every time or setting sun Yu Hui, lapidary hill can present the beautiful picture of flush of colour giving glow. Establish what go up at lapidary hill to protect do a tower, only then build at Northen Song Dynasty to open treasure year ask, rebuilt 1933. Tower is fine, graceful, just like the belle of Xi Zihu bank, it is west lake scenery dash forward the mark of hill. Lapidary hill still says with strange Shi Zhu, have tumbledown be like universal fall fall astral stone, glazed boast twinkles the collect nepheline that collect of just like rosy clouds accumulates, Shi Xia that if cut,has cliff, still have boat of berth of emperor of fabulous Qin Shi " Qin Huang ties cable rock " . Altitude sufficient advance of 125 meters arrowroot mountain according to legend the place of Dai Gehong make pills of immortality. The Chu Yang stage of mountain fall watchs the famous scenic spot of sunrise for Ge Ling, yuan era ever had " Ge Ling face newly-risens sun " scene, for at that time " Qian Tang 10 scene " one of.

The face stands south the west lake have Na Bing hill, Wu Shan and Yu Huangshan. Among them most famous is to be located in Na Bing inside Shan Jingci temple " Na Bing curfew " . Every are close crepuscular, the ding inside the temple is the same as noisy valley, transmit sound a long time ago. Qing Kangxi ever sighed with emotion when the make one's rounds austral the emperor, "Night enrages Fang Qing, lonely of all of 10 thousand Su, ding rises suddenly, ring the sky, send sufficient thought-provoking " . On the hill of afterglow of Na Bing branch range opposite only kind temple, ever had a the Christian era that build man 975 years the thunder peak tower between Wu Yue Wang Nian, "Thunder peak afterglow " the west lake that is chiliad of be handed down from ancient times more one of 10 scene. The tower protecting a gender on it and lapidary hill lies between lake photograph to look, "Lei Feng is like old patchwork vestment worn by a Buddhist monk, protect 俶 to be like beauty " , form a west lake thereby " north and south stands erect relatively, one lake mirrors double tower " scene. Regrettablly thunder peak tower collapsed 1924, from now on " thunder peak afterglow " become old issue.
It is west the west lake, it is group of hill more stand erect, different peak is protuberant. Have here " Shuang Feng inserts the cloud " south height and boreal height, altitude the top part that 314 meters north height is west lake uprise; Have " yellow Long Tucui " with " 9 brooks smoke is cultivated " mountain misting and clouds in the twilight, have " Man Longgui rain " white crane peak becomes aware completely Gansu, and west lake " Dragon Well tea asks tea " mountain of wind bamboo grove. And among them the famousest, run when the spring that belong to jade, tiger, Dragon Well tea spring of name of 3 big west lakes, and the temple of clever concealed of Buddhist buddhist temple in concealed Yu Shanlin.
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