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Blessing of pray of Shanghai circumjacent Spring Festival -- cold hill temple
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Entrance ticket: 20 yuan visit time: 1 hour

Play surely: Listen to ding to cold hill temple in the middle of the night
Cold hill temple: In Suzhou city on the west the maple bridge town outside 5 kilometers
Blessing of pray of Shanghai circumjacent Spring Festival -- cold hill temple
Maple bridge scenery scenic spot the area is with cold hill Gu Si, Jiang Feng Gu Qiao, Tie Ling is ancient close, ancient canal of maple bridge Gu Zhenhe " 5 ancient " the provincial scenery to basically visit content scenic spot area.

Cold hill temple is one of ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes with famous Suzhou, only then the Liang Daitian prison that builds Yu Liuchao year (502 ~ 519 years) , first name clever benefit Pu Mingda courtyard, temple of Ceng Mingfeng bridge, be apart from already had 1400 old histories today. As it is said, because Tang Dynasty chastity is watched year a dignitary cold hill chair inside Ceng Zaisi, temple of friend name cold hill.

Zhang Ji of Tang Chaoshi's person wrote " berth of maple bridge night " : "The month falls black caw frost is all over the sky, river maple lights on fishing boat is right anxious Mian. Outside aunt Su Cheng cold hill temple, midnight ding arrives passenger ship " . A lot of to Suzhou excursive person, include program cold hill temple, so that learn the artistic concept in the poem personally.

1000 old inside cold hill temple is destroyed 5 times early or late by fire (saying is 7) , rebuilding for the last time is clear acting Guang Xunian. Cold hill temple ever was one of 10 name temples of our country on the history. The place of historic interest inside the temple is very much, have Zhang Ji " berth of maple bridge night " lapidarian epitaph of the poem, the cold hill, carved stone that picks up resembles, article a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale bright, relic of epitaph of book of Tang Yin place.

Annual temple of zero hour cold hill all will knock 108 noisy ding in the evening on December 31, became Suzhou one old wonderful view (108 noisy ding should be the traditional Chinese calendar year zero hour knocks the New Year's Eve noisy in the evening, do not know what reason now, became year end of the Gregorian calendar to be knocked noisy) . Because have gone through vicissitudes of life, bell of that midnight when Tang Chao already be lost, ming Dynasty Jia Jing year a gigantic Zhongbing builds recast belfry, this bell knocks fokelore rise stentorian, can amount to several lis besides, flow into Japan regrettablly, big male Bao Dianyou bell of bronze of the mouth inside side, it is Japan to initiate raise donations about the personage, at 1906 deliver, on the bell quarter have inscriptive, this matter of record and narrate.

Personage of a lot of Japan is very familiar to cold hill temple, can recite " berth of maple bridge night " poem. Among them the night that a lot of Japan tourists spend the New Year's Eve only to cold hill temple, the ding of temple of listen respectfully cold hill, they think, in demit old during seeing the New Year in, hear the ding of cold hill temple, can disappear calamity goes disaster. Listen to ding, eat bowl noodle again, a new year with respect to good luck. Of course, they hope to be able to go up to hit a bell personally to belfry more, because be blessed with respect to what can get God more so. Maple bridge, river village bridge: The horizontal stroke lies on ancient canal, modelling of primitive simplicity is elegant, ascend bridge look into the distance, the landscape outside aunt Su Cheng, scene all stops eye ground, spectacular.
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